The Most Relevant Instagram Pros and Cons

Instagram is based on a photo and video sharing system. It is similar to Facebook and Twitter as it uses elements of both. Facebook takes into account sharing of images while Twitter takes the concept of followers.

The main disadvantage of this application is that it is only available for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile operating systems. This means that users without these operating systems will need access to web versions that are not as interactive as applications.

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1- large

Instagram is a social network that has grown exponentially in recent years. Among Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the latter has the highest number of active users per month.

2- “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

The main feature of Instagram is that it allows you to share photos. Sometimes images can transmit more information than written text.

Pictures can evoke emotions and feelings. They are more attractive than other forms of interaction; in this way, a more efficient communication system is created among users.

3- Suitable for virtual shops

Instagram is now a marketing tool. Many virtual merchants use this platform to promote their products.

Thanks to this platform, the relationship between sellers and buyers becomes more interactive.

4- Privacy and Security

One of the essential advantages of Instagram is its privacy and security policy. Their employment is restricted to people over 13 to protect children from certain content that may not be appropriate for them.

Add to this; it can prove that the publication is private. By selecting this option, other users who wish to view photos, videos, or other profile elements should send a follow-up request to the user with their account. This user has the power to accept or reject such requests.

Finally, if a user violates the terms of Instagram or threatens the safety of other network members, it can be blocked, and the blocked person’s publications will not be able to be viewed.

5- Free

The Instagram service is free; subscriptions and application downloads do not incur additional costs for trading derivatives for Internet payments.

6- Sharing option

Instagram allows you to share photos and videos that can be created directly from the application or loaded from the mobile device’s memory.

The application also has the option to share these files on other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

7- Means of communication

Being a social network, Instagram is a means of communication. In addition to publishing multimedia files, this application also provides instant messaging services.

8- Promote artistic skills

Social network Instagram fosters people’s artistic talent. Thanks to this application, many users are more aware of the essential elements of photography: plane angle, focus, etc.


1- Designed to be portable

The Instagram application was created as a portable system. That is a design that is optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

There is a web version of this social network that can be used on desktop computers. But it doesn’t offer as much service as a mobile application.

2- It is not compatible with all operating systems.

The Instagram application is only compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile operating systems.

This excludes people with devices running BlackBerry, OS, and Linux systems.

3- Limited tools for image editing

To be network-based on image publishing, it offers limited tools for editing these files.

You only have a few effects (filters) and have to download additional options separately.

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