The Most Influential Women In Poker History

When we talk about poker players, we always tend to think of them as men, but the reality is quite different. There are many influential women in the poker world and we are going to show you in this article. Our goal is not only to get you to know them, we also want you to realize that poker is not only a man’s game. There are great female players, who have won great prizes.

1- Vanessa Selbst 

Through the experts in poker rooms and sports betting of we have been able to know that she is the most successful player in the world of poker. Surely on more than one occasion you have heard her name. And if you still don’t know her, I invite you to know more about her because she has achieved many merits. 

Vanessa has won more than 11.8 million dollars in prizes through the tournaments she has been winning throughout her working life. The amount of money is so large that she ranks as the woman who has won the most money in the poker world. In addition, she has been the only woman who has managed to position herself as the number one in the Global Poker Index. 

When it comes to playing, Vanessa has always stood out for her bold style, because she knows how to read her opponents very well. In addition, she has a great ability to make decisions, even in critical moments. He is very capable of making analysis even in the most complicated moments. And in order to make the right decisions, he relies heavily on mathematics. They help the player to know the percentages of success and thus make better decisions. And as we have seen throughout her life in poker, the player has done really well.

2- Annette Obrestad 

Another of the most influential and important women in the poker world. The player is known for her great triumphs, but especially for having managed to be the youngest champion. This proves that young women can achieve anything they set their minds to, as we have seen with Annette.  

Annette managed to be the youngest player to win the WSOPE. The Norwegian managed to win the tournament just one day before her 19th birthday.  

With that victory she not only managed to become the youngest player to win the WSOPE, but also to win a prize of more than two million dollars and a great popularity.  

The player started playing online at the age of 15 and quickly realized that she was good and wanted to continue improving her style. Since she started playing she won quite easily, hence she wanted to continue to evolve her game to win more easily.  

One of her strong points is that she is able to make strategic decisions with ease. Even in live poker he is able to make decisions quite easily. It is noticeable that she has trained to control the pressure and that allows her to have a really good performance at the poker table.

3- Kathy Liebert  

Another of the most important players in the poker world. She is known as the pioneer of poker. Specifically, she was the first woman to win a prize worth more than a million dollars after winning the Party Poker Million in 2002.  

But not only has she managed to win that tournament, but she has won many other prizes. Some experts have added up her winnings and it is estimated that they could easily exceed six million dollars. Of course, it must be remembered that the player has mainly bet on live poker tournaments.  

She is a woman who has always shown her most competitive side, which means that in the main prizes she has always managed to reach the final stages. As for her playing style, we can see that she is a woman who bets on strategy and methodology. Many women have Kathy as a role model, hence she is another of the most influential women.

4- Maria Ho 

Another very important woman in the poker world. She stands out for having a large number of followers through social networks and for having won more than four million dollars in different live tournaments. Today she is presented as one of the best players, which is why she has so many followers.  

She is not only a great player, she is also a poker presenter and commentator. But if we focus on poker games, we realize that she has a high ability to adapt to different styles of play. Thanks to that adaptation it is much easier for the player to adapt to all kinds of tables and win them. 

The player is not only having a lot of success in tournaments, she is also winning a lot of cash games. If we add to that the fact that she has become a poker ambassador, then we can say that she is a very influential woman nowadays.

5- Liv Boeree 

This woman is also known by many people as the Iron Maiden. She is a player who is having a lot of success during the last decade, hence we can assure that she is a very influential player, especially among the younger players. 

It is estimated that currently her earnings exceed 3.5 million dollars, remembering that the player keeps winning more tournaments and making those earnings go further.  

The player from the very beginning has shown great skill, thanks in part to the fact that she relies on mathematics as the source of her decisions. She is a player who relies on strategy to achieve good results. Liv Boeree bets her position in the poker world to promote the importance of science.

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