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The Guest Post Method

You have likely heard of the guest post method, but how does it work? How do you get your article published on other people’s sites? The first thing to understand is that guest posts are linked to the reputation of the site that publishes them. If you fail to provide value to the site, they will be unlikely to publish your article. The second step is to find out the reputation of the site that you want to write for. Read on to learn more about this method.

Link insertion

When writing a guest post, you will want to include links from your own website to the website that published the article. You can do this by using a backlink analysis tool or by conducting a search on popular social media platforms. However, it is also good to look for high-quality links from relevant websites. You should make sure that you link to quality sites in your submit guest post and include internal links. Also, consider adding images, flowcharts, and videos.

You may need a professional SEO expert to help you with link insertions. This professional will act as a middleman and communicate the link insertion request to the targeted website. Once this is done, the expert will insert the link and send the content to the target website. Link insertions should follow a formula called the RAD formula. The following steps will ensure that you get the most out of the guest post link insertion method.

Link insertion method is similar to guest post method

One way of getting link insertion service is to offer a link to a website in exchange for a guest post or trade services. One way to get this link is to pose as a guest post opportunity and request a niche edit. There is an outreach network of niche edit websites maintained by link building specialists. Once you have a guest post published, you can contact the webmaster and ask for a link insertion.

Before implementing the guest posting method, it is essential to choose the right website for the link insertion. Avoid guest posting on websites with low authority because they will not get much exposure. Additionally, guest posts with backlinks will backfire as Google looks at the quality of the backlinks. Make sure that you choose high authority websites that allow do follow links on relevant pages of the post. Once you have found the right website for your link insertion, you can start submitting your articles.

Link insertion method is more effective than back linking sites A and B only

While this method is more effective than back linking sites C and D only, it has its drawbacks as well. Guest posts are generally low-quality, lack insight, and are not associated with a real author. Plus, most of the links on guest posts lead to spammy affiliate sites. While blatant spam is obvious, subtle link spam can pass the spam sniff test. Some examples of subtle link spam are using keyword-rich links in articles, duplicating the content in full or copying entire content from another website.

The reason for this is simple: guest posts are not only free, but they also build a good backlink profile. In fact, content that ranks high on Google gets 50% of organic clicks. And those clicks are usually from tablets and smartphones, so they have a higher CTR. So if you want to improve your ranking, this method is more effective than back linking sites A and B only.

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