The Famous Places in Gangnam

Whether you are new to Korea or are a long-term resident, there are always new things to explore. The famous places in Gangnam are a good place to start.


Located in Gangnam, Garosu-gil is an area that combines art galleries, restaurants and high-end stores. It is considered as one of the top shopping places in Seoul. There are several shops that offer unique Korean and international brands.

Many artists who have studied abroad opened up their own shops here. They are now back home to manage these 강남더킹 businesses. They have managed to get Korean Pop on the map, thanks to Psy’s “Gangnam Style”.

Garosu-gil is also known as “Tree Lined Street” because the street is lined with gingko trees. These trees provide shade for shoppers as they walk down the street. They are also a great source of attraction for photographers.

Apgujeong Rodeo Street

Located in Seoul, South Korea, Apgujeong Rodeo Street is a popular shopping area that is known for luxury brands, fashion stores, cosmetic surgery clinics, and hair salons. These shops cater to the fashion-conscious people of Korea and Chinese tourists.

The area is also home to some of the leading Korean entertainment companies. Kakao Friends, a group of cartoon characters from Korea, appear in many stores. You will also find several restaurants and cafes with Japanese cuisine.

Another attraction is the Galleria Department Store, which carries many luxury brands. Other popular shops on the street include clothing stores, shoe stores, accessory and jewelry stores, and more. The street is also home to a number of karaoke bars.

InterContinental Seoul COEX

Whether you are a business traveler or a leisure traveler, InterContinental Seoul COEX is an excellent choice. This modern business hotel is conveniently located in Seoul’s Samseong-dong district, close to the COEX Convention and Exhibition Center. It is also just a few steps from Bongeunsa Temple.

InterContinental Seoul COEX offers an 강남초원의집 excellent balance of services and amenities. Guests can take advantage of the fitness center, sauna, indoor pool, bar, and casino. Other amenities include free Wi-Fi, free parking, and luggage storage.

InterContinental Seoul COEX offers easy access to COEX Mall, COEX Aquarium, and Samseong Subway Station. There are also shuttle services available. You can also take advantage of the hotel’s In Spa and the Cosmopolitan Fitness Club.

Bongeunsa Temple

Located in the Samseong-dong area of Gangnam, Bongeunsa Temple is a large, ancient Buddhist temple. Its history dates back over a thousand years. The temple was originally known as Gyeonseongsa Temple. In 1498, Queen Jeonghyeon renamed the temple.

Bongeunsa Temple is a cultural attraction in Seoul. It’s an oasis of peace in the bustling Samseong-dong business district. Aside from being a Buddhist temple, it’s also a showcase of traditional Korean culture.

One of the oldest temples 선릉라이언 in Korea, Bongeunsa was founded in the Silla period. It’s one of Korea’s 14 main temples. The temple has an assortment of shrine halls. In addition, the temple holds several Buddhist scriptures.

Samneung Park

Located in the Gangnam District of Seoul, Samneung Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the final resting place of two Korean kings. It’s also a great spot to relax and explore the country’s history.

The park is divided into two sections, Seolleung and Samneung. Seolleung is the burial site of King Seongjong, the ninth king of the Joseon Dynasty.

Samneung Park is a great place to relax, explore the history of Korea, and experience the beauty of nature. There are walking paths, ancient trees, and the Jaesil, a traditional house used by priests.

There are plenty of shops and restaurants in Samneung Park. It’s also home to a Korean Food Masters’ Centre, where you can learn how to cook Korean dishes from master chefs.


Located near the heart of Gangnam, the Seonjeongneung cemetery is a tranquil park with stone statues and grassy mounds. It is the final resting place of the 11th King Jungjong of the Joseon Dynasty. The tombs of Queen Jeonghyeon and the 9th King Seongjong are also in the area. There is an English brochure available at the entrance.

The Seonjeongneung royal tomb is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cemetery is filled with tombs of the Joseon Dynasty royalty, making it a great way to learn about Korean history.


Aside from being a beautiful cemetery, the Seonjeongneung royal tomb also offers a great view of the city. The tombs are surrounded by Munmu-seok, a large forest of trees and statues. The park is also a great place for a quiet retreat.