The expected benefit of the research for students

It is essential that the researcher considers the research results, how a student write a research paper for me, and how the research results are helpful, such as identifying the benefits arising from the application of the research results; Whether it is to increase knowledge or use it as a guideline for practice or problem-solving or improving quality The principles of writing are as follows.

  1. Identify potential benefits from the results of the research.
  2. Consistent with the objectives and within the scope of the research study
  3. In case of specifying more than one benefit, it should be stated as
  4. Write in a short, compact, clear message.
  5. To identify it, the researcher must be aware that it is possible.

For example


  1. To study the anxiety of cancer patients
  2. To study the effect of nursing care A structured approach to cancer patients’ anxiety

The expected benefit of the study or research.

  1. Get knowledge about the anxiety of cancer patients.
  2. Get guidelines to reduce the anxiety of cancer patients, which may be considered for use in nursing cancer patients.

You are researching everything early lease termination letter Researchers on how the results of the study will bring benefits. There are many benefits of research, such as applying research findings to policymaking. Improve operations Use it as a guide for decision-making, problem-solving, or further study.

A landlord may terminate the lease for specific reasons. If those conditions are not valid, then a landlord needs to take legal action. The landlord cannot terminate the lease early as per his wish.

Students to use as a guideline, for example:

  • To gain new knowledge that leads to new academic progress both in theory and practice.
  • To create an understanding of various phenomena and behaviors existing better as well as being able to predict these things effectively.
  • to know the facts that will be useful in revising, improving, or developing various aspects to be even better.
  • Make a study and research This caused a movement in academic is always.
  • Help in planning and policymaking in each of right and proper and into the acceptable.
  • A benefit those are researching the academic, intellectual, emotional, and social being. Knowledgeable, up-to-date in academics initiative He is reasonable, patient, prudent, and careful. as well as being able to work with others.
  • Research helps to create new technologies, both in theory and practice.
  • Research can be used to solve problems effectively. right and fair
  • Research will help better understand phenomena and behaviors and can predict phenomena and behaviors correctly and more effectively than common-sense predictions.
  • Research can help in policy formulation, planning, problem determination, or executive decision-making in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Research can clarify questions that are still obscure.
  • Research will stimulate the interest of academics. to use the research results and continue research work
  • Research will reveal facts that can improve or develop individuals and agencies to progress better.
  • Research brings more research results. It will enhance the facts to be more expansive and precise.
  • Research will encourage people to be reasonable, know how to think, and always seek knowledge.
  • Research keeps new tools and technologies that are up-to-date all the time, which is very comfortable for humans.
  • Students are more interested in learning about invention.
  • It is a guideline for the staff of the radio program for the public to improve and modify the program’s format to be more quality.
  • As a guideline for researching those interested in setting up a radio station without business involved.
  • It is a guideline for teachers to organize teaching activities. for the benefit of teaching and more students
  • As a guideline for development.
  • Know the reasons (attitudes) of students that have.
  • It is a guideline for students ( such as studying the problems encountered in school)
  • Students are satisfied with it.
  • The results of the study found Helping (new knowledge, new methods, new approaches, new learning management).


It is best to avoid first or second-person use when you are writing a thesis proposal. In addition to the thesis text, you want to maintain objectivity in all aspects of your thesis proposal. It may also be helpful to consult an instructor before starting your thesis.