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To be the best of the best takes practice, patience, and determination. Talent alone can only get you so far, it comes a time when you have to do the stuff you don’t want to get to the next level. K-YOS.COM is a brand-name music media company specializing in original music from recording artist K-yos (Knowledge of Your Own Self). K-yos throughout the years has self-released a collection of his music media. With the multiple hats that K-yos wears from songwriting, production & recording his music, He soon figured out he needed his own business. Record companies are not looking for the best artists out there but the artist that they can earn the most money from. If you do everything it’s difficult for a label to make a profit from your work unless you’re willing to give up your music masters. Some of the greatest artists like Prince was turned down by many record labels before making a name for himself in his community. Having the best songs in the world won’t get you far without being advertised to compete with other songs that are getting the best promotion to become successful. You don’t have to have the best music to succeed, great promotion alone can turn a terrible song into a hit. In the digital world, there are now many avenues to take to reach your audience & become a household name. K-yos plans to release new music in late 2023 or early 2024. K-yos was born on the south side of Chicago where he gained a name for himself in the Hip-Hop/ Rap circles. from headlining in talent shows & sparking the interest of music executives, it was certain that his career would be a successful journey. K-yos has also recorded with retired NBA basketball player Terry Cumming on his album called “Nothings What It Seems”. The song “Take A Chance On Love” was the song of the album that K-yos & Terry Cummings collaborated on together. The song became popular resulting in K-yos performing it with Terry Cummings @ places such as The House of Blues.

K-yos has always loved basketball, his Uncle is retired NBA player Tim Hardaway. This is what inspired K-yos to create the song “Game-Time” available on the store page of the website @ K-YOS.COM. While most artists in the digital age take the same route by posting their music on social media & streaming websites, K-yos had a different agenda in mind. K-YOS.COM is a brand-name music genre created by K-yos to distinctly separate itself from any genre. While leaving the Hip-Hop/ Rap scene, K-yos decided to take the future into his own hands & create a new sound that’s never been heard before. To make an impact in any business you have to be able to think bigger than the average person. You have to follow your heart & dreams regardless of what anyone says. In the beginning, K-yos wanted to be signed to a label, then he created his label called “In Krowd Records”. K-yos created his solo album under his label called ” K-YOS MUSIC” which gained credibility & was respected by all who listened to it. As the digital era started to emerge, K-yos found himself doing all the work for the 2 artists on his label. After a while, K-yos lost interest in being a record label & from there converted his talent into a brand name online company. Now working solo, K-yos was free to focus on his work & his work alone. If he needed a singer or artist to collaborate on a project of his he could find them through the connections that he has made online. The new sound that K-yos will release in late 2023 to early 2024 with the help of a solid advertising strategy, K-yos plans to establish his music alongside the greatest artists of all time. This is easier said than done & K-yos is aware of all the roadblocks that may come his way. He is truly dedicated to creating a catalog of music worthy of listening to by people around the world. K-YOS.COM is a global company with connections to the UK, India & Bangladesh to name a few. K-yos plans to release physical products in the future but for now, his focus is on his music media content.

Some of his favorite artists are Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, Ray Charles & Whitney Houston. To be a teacher of the game first you have to be a student of the game. Since age 7, K-yos has had a deep interest in music. While still learning & growing there’s always new information that could be helpful & beneficial for your business success.” K-YOS CORPORATION ” is the business side of K-YOS.COM the company, there one in the same. If you would like to sign up to K-YOS.COM enter your email address in the signup box on the main screen. To view store products on the website, press the store logo on the main screen. K-yos doesn’t identify with any music genre, this gives him his lane to express his creativity. The music is backed by the brand name & the brand name is backed by the music. K-YOS.COM is one of the leading companies in digital music that has created a streaming/ downloading platform based on one artist, K-yos. Most artists in the music business depend on writers, producers & mastering engineers to help create their songs. One of the greatest talents that K-yos possesses is that he can write, produce, mix, master & record all of his songs. This gives him the advantage of being able to create & release music whenever he wants with no middleman. Instead of making music that caters to a music genre, K-yos’ approach is to be a music brand name that allows his music to evolve to wherever he feels is appropriate during any stage of his career. It’s not easy being an artist today with the constant change of cultural customs, being true to yourself is the best advice anyone could give you. K-yos knows the challenges that lay ahead of him but he’s not going to jeopardize who he is to please any crowd. Reaching out to your targeted audience can seem very stressful in certain situations. This is why you need a team of specialists who know how to place your music in places where ppl who may be interested can find it easily. If you run your own business or need clearance-free music for your company K-YOS.COM is the way to go. Along with his original songs, K-yos also has a variety of original productions for people needing music for whatever platform they need it for.

There’s always more to be said about K-yos, please log onto K-YOS.COM & navigate through the website to learn more. Here @ 123musiq.we, we are very humbled & thankful for you taking the time out to read about American recording artist K-yos & his website K-YOS.COM!

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