The Dos and Don’ts of Car Rental

People across the world are choosing part-time car rental over full-time car ownership because, with fuel and insurance rapidly rising, being a car owner is becoming increasingly stressful. Why carry that worry over to rental too? Following these simple tips can help you streamline your car hire experience, and ensure everyone is able to get the most out of their new driving lifestyle.

DO Rent the Model you Need

To minimise unnecessary stress and any unfortunate additional costs when getting a car hire, it is imperative that renters choose the right car to suit their intended purpose. Travellers with luggage will find it difficult to use their hire car comfortably if they choose a model that can’t carry all their belongings, and small families or single renters can end up paying far too much for cars that are too big for them. Take into consideration the size, transmission and gas mileage of each car when making your decision, as these have a significant impact on how much you spend, and how

DO Try to List a Single Driver

Additional fees can easily be tacked onto your hire rate if you place multiple drivers on the contract, however, some companies are happy to allocate a free space for a spouse or family member during your rental. Since guidelines differ between businesses, it is important to ask a representative about these driver fees to see what kind of deal suits you.

DO Retain all the Contract Details for your Rental

The information ทะเบียนรถสวย you are provided with when you set off includes vital details concerning your insurance protocols and what to do in the event of an emergency. You will want to keep these details on hand should something unfortunate happen while you are in possession of the hire car.

DON’T Leave the Booking Until the Last Minute

No matter how small your journey may be, it is important that you book your rental as far in advance as you can. This can help you save money, and it leaves some wiggle room should your circumstances change between making the booking and taking the car out. If you book well in advance, you will have a more diverse selection of cars to choose from, so you will also find it easier to find a vehicle that suits your intended purpose.

DON’T Assume your Personal Coverage is Enough

While many rental companies do try to sell their own insurance to renters, many people don’t realise their own personal car insurance is usually transferred onto the car they are hiring. However, it is vital that you contact your insurance provider and ensure this is the case before you hire your rental car. Your provider will be able to tell you if you are safe to drive the rental car with your existing coverage or if you will need to buy additional insurance through the rental company. Checking beforehand can save you money and ensure you are appropriately covered for whatever may happen during your trip.

So, while there are many other areas to cover before you set out on your journey, these are some of the dos and don’ts we consider to be absolutely vital, especially for first time renters. As long as you are well prepared for your hire, you will be able to enjoy the experience with minimal stress.

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