The different types of slot machines to try online

In the casino gaming industry, the most popular entertainment options for players are undoubtedly slot machines. Whether they are classic or modern, they have been, since the dawn of time, the game that has the most terrified bettors, both in land-based establishments and in online casinos. They were created in the 19th century and at that time there was only one variant. On the latter, you simply had to insert a coin to try to win 5 dollars. Today, with the evolution of technology, there is a multitude of them, especially on virtual sites, because in order to satisfy all categories of players, designers produce different kinds. Let’s discover them together in this article.

Classic slots

These are the first slot machines to which players were entitled. They are designed with very simple and unattractive graphics, although in the past many gamblers found pleasure in playing them. The symbols with which they are endowed are, among others, the icons of fruit, “bar”, the number “7” and the golden bell. Most of them are designed with 3 reels and a single payline. Their range of bets is very limited in the vast majority, and the jackpot to which the bettor is entitled by playing is often very low. Unlike next-gen ยูฟ่าเบท games, classic slots lack bonus features. In fact, they are best suited for beginner players, as they have easy-to-use keys and easily understandable functions.

Modern slots

After classic slots had their heyday, the evolution of technology gave way to a new category that we can call modern. There are several types and like traditional games, they are accessible on online casinos and are even playable with many bonuses offered by these virtual establishments, including welcome incentives or free spins for new customers. . We invite you to take a look at these so-called modern slot machines below.

Multiline slot machine

As mentioned above, classic games used to have a reputation for having only one payline. So the first step the developers took was to switch to multiple ways to win by creating multiline slots. These, in addition to incorporating more than one payline (10, 25, 50, or 100), are mostly equipped with 5 reels or more. As you can well imagine, more reels mean more symbols and therefore more winning combinations. In terms of winnings, they are among the most profitable casino games, due to the multiplicity of their paylines.

Regular video slot

Regular video slots are indeed multiline slots, but the small difference here is in the variety of themes covered through the graphics. The objective of the software designers is to offer players the possibility of discovering the culture of other countries in the world, of getting in touch with other civilizations or of knowing fairy tales or legends. The most covered topics in video slot themes are ancient egypt, norse or aztec civilization, pop culture, nature, the elements, sports, and many more. To date, there are countless of them in the online gaming industry. We can cite north guardians, sweet bonanza, starburst, achilles, rise of the valkyrie,

3d video slot

As the name suggests, 3d video slots are actually video slots, but the difference is that they incorporate 3d graphics. Thanks to this technology, the player enjoy high-quality entertainment and the most immersive experience. In this type of UFABET game, you are entitled to very neat and very attractive visuals. Very often, they are accompanied by an introductory video that summarizes when loading the theme covered or the odyssey that awaits you. The symbols are very animated and therefore immerse the player in a bewitching universe where he can interact with characters when certain features are triggered.

Progressive jackpot slot machine

If you are looking for a slot machine to play to win colossal sums, this is definitely the one for you. As their name suggests, they have a progressive jackpot that can be around one million euros, or even more. In this type of game, a common pot is created and its value is based on the bets made by the bettors on all the online casinos where the slot machine in question is present. However, many bettors play on these sites. 

This means that the jackpot grows very quickly and even exceeds one million euros. However, keep in mind that to win a share of this sum, you must succeed in bringing up the best combination of symbols listed on the paytable. But that’s not all, you also need to make sure you bet the maximum on every spin. When it comes to progressive jackpot gaming, the developer with the most in igaming is microgaming. Its mega moolah slot machine is one of the titles that have made the most millionaires on betting platforms.

New forms of online slots

Recently, some software designers have shown innovation and talent by putting online slot machines that are out of the ordinary. This type of entertainment option is a bit complex but easy to play for professional bettors. Like other forms of slot machines, they are accessible on betting platforms and you can bet on them in euros or even using cryptocurrencies. Although these slots are part of modern games, we wanted to categorize them differently in order to show you what is special about them compared to those mentioned above.