The Best Ways to Get Outside With the Whole Family

From lessening anxiety to losing weight, there’s a wide variety of health and wellness benefits that come from spending time outdoors—not to mention, it’s just plain fun! Getting outside with the whole family will make it even better. Not only do you know your loved ones are gaining those same benefits, but you’ll have added motivation to do so yourself. Whether it’s your fur baby or your actual human baby, you can take the whole family outdoors for fitness, fun, and some flora and fauna. 

1. Adopt a Pet

If you don’t have one already, bringing a dog or other animal to your forever home will encourage you to get outdoors. A dog, for example, needs regular exercise and plenty of time outside. You’d be hard-pressed to lounge on the couch too long with puppy eyes staring at you, begging to go out! Add a Joyride Harness, the best dog harness on the market, to their collection of pet products, and you’ll be ready to head to the park, trail, or waterfront whenever the opportunity arises.

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2. Start them young. 

Your pup needs a harness, and your child will need specific equipment to get outside. Pick out a jogging stroller for walks in the park, or treat your little one to a toddler push car with handle to give yourself a bit of a workout while they have a blast. By instilling a love of time outdoors in the early, your kids can develop a lifelong passion. Split duties with a partner or hook a waist leash to your pooch’s harness, and you’ll be ready to take the whole family outside and having a great time. 

3. Get Active

Whether you want to become generally healthier or have specific fitness goals, the outdoors offer a wide range of opportunities to be more active. Slip on their harness and jog with your dog’s leash in hand, or create some mom-friendly strength training by packing your toddler in a stroller or push car. Fitness can be as simple as taking an after-dinner walk with your spouse—and the screen-free quality time will undoubtedly strengthen your relationship. 

4. Plan a Getaway

Maybe you live in the middle of a city with minimal parks, or otherwise don’t get outdoors often. In that case, you may benefit more from taking a trip. Head to a beach or spend a weekend in the country. Whether you take a week-long holiday or embark on an afternoon adventure, some time outdoors is better than none at all. Pack your pup’s harness so they can join in the fun, and bring plenty of outside-ready toys for your little ones. This way, the whole family can enjoy this time away from home, embracing the outdoors. 

5. Start a new hobby.

Do you still need a little extra motivation to head into the wild? Finding a hobby that you and your family love can make sure everyone’s excited to get outside. Try options like cycling, hiking, gardening, camping, bird watching, or even kite flying to figure out what sort of activity appeals to you and your loved ones. It might be playing fetch with your large dog or pulling your child in a wagon. Maybe you and your significant other will start growing vegetables. All that matters is that you and your family take to the outdoors with an activity you love. 

6. Connect with nature. 

Spending time in nature is a significant draw of time spent outside, so why not embrace that? Your small dog might want to chase a squirrel or other local furry friends across the park and sniff each leaf they pass. Your child might love to watch your backyard bird-feeder or wander through brightly colored flower beds. Whatever it is that draws you and yours outdoors, there’s no shortage of natural options to enjoy. Flora, fauna, and otherwise, there’s something for every member of the family to appreciate. 

From upgrading your pet’s harness, leash, and other pet products to encouraging your kids to get outside for a push car or additional fun time, it can be easy to get your whole family outside. More importantly, though, you can make sure every family member, human or furry, has a great time.

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