The best trendy sneakers brands in the world that you should know as a fashionista

We are living in an age where trainers rule the most. These sporty nike crossfit shoes are no longer just reserved for fields and tracks. From the office to every place you can wear these with proper attires. Sneakers are one of the mind-blowing fashion elements in today’s world.

Designer and sneaker brands are taking the footwear in every inferable direction to its limits. In the meantime, some people have ameliorated the sneaker from its utile roots to the summit of higher fashion. So, do you want these top fashioned sneakers as your footwear? Then, first, you should know the best trendy sneakers in the world right now. And then choose the appropriate one for you.


World-beating performance footwear long track record is going to the brand Nike. More significant than that, Nike knows how to make products that live up to enough of their hype. Nike is the one sports footwear brand that regime all the brand.

Still, Nike is the most wanted, recognizable, and the ones that beat.


The good old three-strips are running the strategy for overtaking with its mind-bending sole technology and featherlight material. Yes, that three-striped sneaker is Adidas. Adidas focuses more on lifestyle and sports performance. These sneakers are more durable and comfortable.


A pair of Balenciagas are the absolute investment sneakers from the chunky, trend-leading Triple S’ to the sleeker, sock-inspired Speed Its. The Balenciaga Triple S fit cozily that on your feet, you feel so soft.


It’s a true prevalence of design when something introduced a century ago is still used worldwide. Converse’s renowned Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneaker is one such item.

Common Project

For luxurious, high-end minimalist trainers Common Projects Achilles Low is the king. Common project’s sneakers are made from expensive leather, hand-sewn in first world countries. Its design is really on point, and it’s a really reliable product.