The Best 3rd Party Extensions For Your Youtube Stream 

When it comes to live broadcasting, YouTube Live is your best bet. YouTubers use it to broadcast a wide range of live events, including concerts, video games, lectures, webinars, and more.

The ability to capture live feeds for subsequent viewing or sharing is a useful tool for viewers.

This article will show you five easy ways to record a YouTube live broadcast using screen recording software on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. I say, “Shall we?”


Rebrandly is a YouTube URL shortener that companies may use to advertise their wares. Creating vanity URLs on channels was formerly the sole option available to users, but they were difficult to monitor and track. Now, with the help of the Rebrandly platform and a robust Chrome extension, you can easily manage your own customized URL shortening.

Preview of the Ratings

Since YouTube began clearly displaying the number of “likes” and “dislikes” a video has, a new type of video has emerged: the video with a large number of negative ratings.

You can immediately determine which videos are good and which ones aren’t because it assigns a rating to each one. Finding high-quality films has never been less of a hassle than with Ratings Preview enabled.

The Overuse of Keywords

You know what you want to talk about, but you’re at a loss for words. So that you can go right into your research, you need to figure out the most effective approach to phrase your issue.

However, there is only so much time in the day to produce jaw-dropping articles that people devour. There’s no time for experimenting with different search phrases or conducting extensive keyword research.


The tools included in TubeBuddy’s array of features make it simple to maintain a YouTube channel.

Video metadata may be updated in bulk, comments can be responded to in record speed, and videos can be scheduled in advance.

The addon also comes with a collection of tools to assist makers in making their videos as effective as possible. Tools like suggested tags and keyword research based on video footage are also included.

Download Manager

The Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a reliable program that allows you to download several files at once without risk.

Files like videos, songs, games, and documents may be downloaded much more quickly. With IDM’s intelligent download logic accelerator, you may speed up your downloads by as much as five times, pause, and resume them whenever you like.

Downloads can be resumed from where they left off in the event of connection issues, network disruptions, computer shutdowns, or power outages.

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