The Benefits Of Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full spectrum cbd oil is making major waves in the holistic health sector but is still commonly misunderstood. Today we’ll be going through what full spectrum cbd oil actually is, and what the benefits of using this newcomer are.

What Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full spectrum cbd oil – also often referred to as whole plant – is simply a derivative of the cannabis plant which features all components of the plant. The cannabis plant features three main components that are known to be beneficial to humans – cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.

Cannabinoids, best known for their relaxing effects, are one of the main ingredients in full spectrum cbd oil. Flavonoids are found in many natural substances that we consume each day – including fruits and vegetables – and can provide anti-inflammatory benefits. And terpenes are what gives the cannabis plant its unique scent making them particularly useful for aromatherapy.

Full spectrum cbd oil also includes a small amount of the THC compound.

What Are The Benefits Of Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Anti-inflammatory Properties

When taken orally, or applied topically, full spectrum cbd oil has been shown to provide anti-inflammatory benefits for the user.

Assists In Relaxation

The THC component in this variety of treatment has also been shown to provide benefits for relaxation. This is generally done without creating a “high” but users should always carefully check the label as full spectrum cbd oil which contains larger amounts of THC may produce this type of effect. Reputable manufacturers will disclose this on the product labelling.

May Assist In The Recovery Of Cancer Patients

Further research is required into whether full spectrum cbd oil can provide an effective treatment for some ailments that come with having cancer, however, smaller studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that it can be quite useful for the user’s recovery. Reported benefits include a reduction in pain, increased appetite and greater sense of wellbeing.

Natural Remedy

Because full spectrum cbd oil is a natural remedy, it is far less likely to cause an adverse reaction in those who take or use it. The natural composition of this product is also beneficial for those who have many allergies and ideal for those wishing to take a more holistic approach to their wellness.

Can Help Treat Depression And Anxiety

Because of the mental benefits often provided by full spectrum cbd oil, it can also be used to assist in treating mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. Studies have shown that users often feel calmer and more relaxed which leads to a greater overall sense of wellbeing and can help reduce the effects of ailments that negative emotions or anxiety.

Relieves Pain

Full spectrum cbd oil has been shown to help relieve pain both when taken orally and applied topically. This makes it a wonderful natural alternative to OTC pain killers.

Naturally Rich In Antioxidants

Antioxidants are vital for our health and full spectrum cbd oil is naturally rich in them. Particularly well known for the benefits they offer our skin (the body’s largest organ) antioxidants also provide a whole host of benefits internally and having a diet rich in them could even help prevent health issues down the track.

Can Help Prevent Seizures

Full spectrum cbd oil is also used in medication design to treat epilepsy and help prevent seizures. Those wishing to try a natural alternative to these medications could see a benefit from making use of this whole-plant cannabis extract instead.

Please note that the benefits outlined in this article are general in nature only. Everyone will react differently to any given substance and you should always speak with a medical professional before undertaking any new regime. Having said that, full spectrum cbd oil can provide a host of amazing benefits so it’s certainly worth talking to your doctor about.