The Benefits of a Concrete Pump

When it comes to getting concrete to a project site, you need an efficient way of transporting it around any obstacles. This is where a concrete pump comes in.

Using a wheelbarrow to carry your concrete is a back-breaking process that can take up valuable time. With a pump truck, you can minimize this wasted labor and get more done in less time.

Boom Pumps

When it comes to transporting concrete to where it needs to be placed on a construction project, a pump can really help. Many projects require concrete to be poured into difficult locations, or around obstacles, up steep slopes, and over challenging terrain.

Some of these problems are simply impossible to circumvent with a mixer truck, skid steer, or wheelbarrow. Thankfully, a boom pump can take on these challenges and make it much easier to get the concrete where you need it.

The articulating arm on a boom pump allows it to reach anywhere concrete is needed, and the machine can be maneuvered carefully and precisely. This can save you time and money on labour costs.

Line Pumps

A line pump works similarly to a boom pump, but is mounted on a trailer. It uses steel or flexible concrete placing hoses to deliver concrete to where it needs to go. These hoses can be long enough to reach up to 300 feet from the pump and are great for jobs on long driveways or behind homes where access is difficult.

This type of concrete pump can be used for a variety of jobs, including swimming pools, patios and sidewalks. They can also help you reach hard-to-reach areas like slopes and ditches.

These pumps can be either self-propelled or manual, depending on the job. Smaller ones use mechanical ball valves to control the pumping action. Larger models use hydraulic valves that can deliver higher pressure.

They can pump grout, mortar, wet screeds, shotcrete, foamed concrete and sludge. They are also ideal for repairing underwater concrete, filling fabric forms and building bond beams. They can also be used for tunneling work and high-rise construction.


Concrete pump by operators are skilled construction laborers who transport, supply and distribute concrete to job sites. They collaborate with project superintendents, foremen and other building professionals to ensure each job site receives the proper amount of concrete.

Working with heavy machinery requires concrete pump operators to be careful and have a strong sense of safety. In addition, they must have a good understanding of mechanics to keep their truck and equipment in good condition.

Certification is also important for concrete pump operators to maintain their industry knowledge and keep updated on best practices and safety guidelines. This can help them avoid accidents and reduce the risk of injury to other people on the job site.

In this career, employers may prefer to hire candidates with a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL). The requirements for getting a CDL vary by state, so you should start by using the instructions on your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles website.


A concrete pump is a useful piece of equipment for contractors who need to pour large volumes of concrete. However, it can also present a number of safety hazards.

Power Lines: The truck boom, chassis, remote-control cable and steel-braided end hose are all potential conduits for deadly electrical currents from overhead power lines. A worker who comes into contact with any part of the pump machinery that touches a power line is at risk for an 11,000 volt shock, which can lead to death.

Ground Conditions: Soil type is a major factor in outrigger setup and should be verified prior to set up. Different soil types have different load bearing capacities.

Excavations: Follow the “one-to-one” rule – position your pump at least one foot back from the excavation or land that falls off steeply in one direction for every foot of vertical drop.

Other obstructions on the job site such as cranes, scaffolding or buildings can cause problems. Pay attention to these and ensure the right outrigger size is used.

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