Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): 3 ways to prepare for it and become successful

What is the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)?

The test of English as a foreign language or TOEFL as it is commonly known as an examination that is conducted to measure the academic English skills in the fields of reading and listening, speaking and writing.  The following examination is considered to be the world’s most accepted test on English language specifically conducted for students who wish to study, work or immigrate to another foreign Nation.

Most Universities and Institutions across the globe undertake the TOEFL test as an important parameter when it comes to securing admissions and foreign universities.There are specific eligibility which needs to be considered so that candidates can prepare for this test. they required to pay an application fee of around $175 and then sit for the examination.

It is of extreme importance that candidates must have completed their 10 plus two levels of education from any recognised institutions. It is only after that that they are eligible to sit for this examination to test the knowledge of English across four major parameters as it is discussed above.

What kind of preparation is required?

There are several organizations available on the Internet that have learnt selling courses to get specifically to the demands of students and working professionals to prepare for the TOEFL  examination. It is important to understand that the major objective of this examination is to test the students on their reading and writing skills as well as the speaking skills so that it can’t signifi whether they can manage in a Foreign setup and Converse in a foreign language.

It is because of this reason that most organizations have changed their way on how to do course selling by taking into consideration the requirements of the students  as well as the existing curriculum. since the following examination tests on the ability of the students to understand complex sentences and also tests the vocabulary of the student, therefore to prepare students for such. Most of these online courses concentrate on strengthening the foundation of the English language.

As a result it can be stated that the best way to prepare for this examination is to practice the English language and have a strong foundation in the form of having complete knowledge on tenses, parts of speech, and other English language requirements.

Ways to prepare for it

In the given section a list of ways has been provided that can be taken into consideration by candidates preparing for the examination so that they can become successful in the same.

  1. Note Taking: An important aspect that will need to be mastered by the candidate is increasing the ability to take notes. In the following examination , the students are tested on speaking and hearing skills therefore there is a specific part present within it that asks students to take notes from a paragraph that is only repeated once post which a series of questions are asked. In this situation the best way to master the section is to have a habit of note taking where it will allow the candidates to jot down the key points so that they can answer it later.  Therefore, it is very important that students master this habit so that they can be successful in the examination.
  2. Read every day:  The reading section is considered to be one of the toughest sections in the TOEFL examination as a test of the ability to be critical and find logical understanding of the paragraph provided. Therefore, to master the section it is of utmost importance that the students practice the habit of reading everyday. This will not only increase their vocabulary but will also enhance their ability to understand Complex situations and answer questions accordingly later.
  3. Undertake practice tests: Since there is no specific syllabus present when it comes to preparing for this examination, therefore it is of utmost importance that students undertake practice tests. Most of these comprises questions that have already been asked thereby providing clarity on the pattern and type of questions that will be asked. When students practice these tests everyday it not only makes them confident but also allows them to have a better understanding of what kind of questions can be asked.

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