Synthetic boxing gloves versus leather boxing gloves – which is better?

Leather is a better material for making gloves than synthetic, which is a notable exception. However, it depends on the purpose of utilization and the frequency of usage. If you train frequently or are looking for professional or semi-professional fights, you may wear high-end leather gloves. Synthetic boxing gloves are an appropriate option if you are against leather material or are only training infrequently. Here is the information you need to know about the distinction between the materials used for constructing boxing gloves.

  • Cowhide leather

Coming from 100% covered leather, one of the most typical materials for manufacturing gloves. It has a vast market. It is flexible, durable, and comfortable. It is available in distinct colors and helps control moisture and odor. It is a standard material for every flight boxing glove in today’s world. Cowhide stretches well and thereby adds to your comfort. The soft feel and fine texture of cowhide leather gloves are one of the most attractive benefits associated with this. Although it is a bit more expensive than leather, it is a long-term investment you will never regret.

  • Buffalo leather

Another extremely durable material when it comes to boxing gloves is Buffalo leather. The leather is sourced from Buffalo, as the name suggests, and comes with a smooth and durable texture. However, it is not top-grade leather and is slightly lower-grade, thus compromising comfort. The reason why it has gained market share is its durability.

  • Microfiber

Microfiber is a contemporary high-quality synthetic that is used for making boxing gloves. It comes with similar durability as leather but is much smoother and lighter. It does not degrade the way leather does. It is excellent when it comes to handling order and moisture. Unlike synthetic material, which smells, microfiber material and boxing gloves by Revgear are one of the best choices for boxing glove material. You may know more about this material online. Also, you can compare the different materials online. Various manufacturers are offering high-grade materials. You may look at these.

  • Vinyl

Although vinyl is resistant, it will not last the way leather will. Eventually, its frequent use will affect the overall appearance and material quality. Hence, it’s always better to purchase leather gloves, which always have the upper hand on durability and sturdiness. These are perfect for your training as well as matches. However, if you are looking for something cheap and a standard option for regular exercise, then vinyl boxing gloves can cater to your requirement. The only issue over here is order buildup. Apart from this, it has no other problems.

You may also look at polyurethane and other such synthetic material gloves available in the market. These are also gaining popularity owing to their field and comfort. You can go for leather gloves if durability and sturdiness are your overall aim. However, synthetic material can also be a choice if you are looking for something reasonable. You should place your order depending on what you want. Don’t forget to consider your budget.

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