Study abroad: how to use CatEight apply for courses

Study abroad is always an appeal for students due to their better infrastructure and facilities they provide to their students.  They offer better-equipped laboratories and good quality education. They try to facilitate as much as they can.

Exposure to the outer world

Study abroad can increase your exposure to the other side of the world. When you study abroad, you meet people of different cultures. You learn many things from different cultures. You exchange a bit of your culture with other people. This increases your talent and other soft skills.

Better language skills.

When you study abroad, you learn better language skills.  You came across different people with different languages. This will enhance your learning process. Knowing new languages increase your brain cognitive abilities.

Job opportunities

Many companies prefer to employ overseas employees because they have a better experience of the market and jobs. Many students take into consideration of their future employment prospects as their one main cause to study abroad.


Students who study abroad have better chances to get immigration from other countries. Many of them settled in their love interest country. Immigration in other countries is not an easy job. They demand strict obligations and rules. So that’s why many students try to get the experience of study abroad and then apply for immigration. This will increase their CV weight.

High-quality education

Students have multiple choices of course application when they study abroad. The study outlines and courses they offer are up to the mark of international standards. The graduated person from abroad will attract the attention of private firms. They provide good quality education with practical teaching aids and market placement internee.

Leadership and decision making

Foreign universities offer various courses and build soft skills like leadership and decision making in their students. They do method learning through AV Aids.

The right way to choose a university for study abroad

1 subject selection

Subject selection is a very important step to make for study abroad.  First of all, research your subject its practical significance and implications. You have to study abroad for 3 to 4 years to complete your degree. So you have to fully aware about your subjects and their market value.

Understanding of location

Second thing you need to aware when study abroad is the location of your institute. When you search enough about your subject the second thing you have to do is locate your university place after all you are going to live there for 4 years. physical factors like temperature, humidity hotness affect the health of a person. Prefer a suitable place according to your health.


Accommodation is very important. Try to find courses a place to live nearby your university where you can join job and do your study with focus.

Work experience opportunities

Before you study abroad, assess your placement and work experience opportunities. Different multinational companies prefer graduate from abroad with work experience. So it is a very important step in your study abroad planning.

Universities facilities

Find out about infrastructure and university facilities they are going to offer to their students. It’s is very important because better infrastructure make your life easy and healthy.

Check out well being and support they provide to you

Check out support and well being they are going to offer like learning support, mentoring services, financial advice and support, health and wellbeing services and careers support to ensure that our students feel fully supported.

Trust yourself

Have a confidence in yourself and follow your instincts. You have to believe upon you because you are going to spend a chunk of your life abroad.


After all the work done and research apply online to your respective university.

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