Strategies for before and during the CELPIP Test

If you are applying for Canadian citizenship, taking a CELPIP exam is a major step towards it. The test is recognized by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to evaluate English language proficiency.

CELPIP for permanent residency involves assessing your listening, speaking, writing, and reading abilities. CELPIP for citizenship application includes listening and speaking skill tests.

Strategies recommended before the CELPIP test

  1. Sample test: Take the free sample test present on the CELPIP website. It will help the test takers know what to expect in every test section.
  2. Practice test: Take a practice test covering all sections of the CELPIP test. It should have all detailed answer keys for every section.
  3. Webinars: Several webinars and workshops are being conducted online to give you information related to CELPIP. They help you prepare for speaking, writing, reading, and listening sections.
  4. Purchase study material to prepare: Available online, you can buy CELPIP study material and guides to prepare for the test. Every study material is unique and will offer the right guidance to prepare.
  5. Choose a tutor: You can also choose a tutor to prepare for CELPIP. It helps you with customized learning. They will offer you feedback in real-time and help you enhance your English language abilities with interactive learning.

Strategies for during the test

  1. Concentrate on the provided information: The candidate should focus on the topics and questions asked to them. It is important to answer the question depending on the information provided. So, concentrate on the information provided and familiarize yourself with it. You should answer depending on the text, image, and question present before you.
  2. Guess if you can’t think of anything: Your goal should be to answer all questions. Even if you are unsure about the answer, try eliminating the options you think are wrong and making a wild guess with the left ones. Note: You are not negatively marked for multiple-choice questions. So, it is essential to answer them rather than leave them blank.
  3. Learn to extract answers from the picture, text, and questions. When reading, do not memorize the data; rather, understand it. Scan the text or image before you and use the given time to gain as much information as possible. Try to pen down the information so you can refer to it later. You should also scan the questions properly to develop a good understanding and answer immediately.
  4. Always re-check. Whatever you have written, make sure you re-check it to avoid any typos. Ensure you have used the right word for the sentence. If you have left something for the end, now is the time to write it.

These are some tips to keep in mind when appearing for CELPIP for citizenship. Using different types of material to prepare for the exam is essential. It helps the candidates to assess their ability and get brilliant. Practicing will help you boost your score. So never hesitate from practice till the last day of appearing on the exam, and you will score well.