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Do you want your style to stand out and look better than everyone else? Well, your style cannot be complete without a glamorous hairstyle. Styling your hair uniquely every day may not be easy, and that’s where the unique styling wigs come in.

Here we have shortlisted the best 3 unique styling wigs that will always keep you in the spotlight.

Balayage Wigs

The simplest way to attain a unique hairstyle is by choosing the right hair color. While black is too basic and other colors are too catchy, balayage wigs bring the perfect experience of having a unique hair color. These wigs start with a darker hair end, and the color fades as the roots come.

So, these wigs’ gradient-like color structure makes them simultaneously unique and stylish. The following are the top 3 things you will like the most about balayage wigs.

·         Great for your routine wearing needs

Just because these have a unique color structure does not mean you cannot wear them daily. The uniqueness of these wigs makes them so charming and easy to pair with different types of dresses that you can consider these as your routine-wearing wig.

The best part is that you can easily pair these up with different clothes without messing up your dress code for professional environments.

·         Always stay away from artificial looks.

Think of trying wigs with colors other than black. You will instantly worry about the artificial looks, but that’s not the case with balayage wigs. These wigs come with the most natural looks. As the hair color fades at the roots, the hairs seem to be coming from your scalp. At the same time, the pre-plucked hairline of the balayage wigs makes them look even better.

·         Unique hair color with a higher density

The balayage wigs bring value to you in various ways. Here you will find a unique hair color and 150% hair density making these easier to style. In fact, with this much hair density, you can try out different hairstyles easily that you cannot try with your natural hair.

So, you get to enjoy flexibility with hairstyles here. Even if you want to leave the hair untied, these wigs offer the same amount of glamor as when you style them.

Brown Wigs

Next up are the brown wigs, which are better than wigs of other colors in several ways. The brown hair color of these wigs is also uncommon, but these are not all about the visuals. Some practical values are associated with brown wigs making these superior to others.

At a glance, you will find these to be unique and glamorous. The following are 3 of the best qualities you’d love about these wigs.

·         Choose from a lot of options with varying qualities

Although brown wigs do not come in different hair colors, there are no compromises on other specifications. Some of the options that you may look for when buying these include the following:

  • Hair cuts
  • Wig hair length
  • Volume
  • Lace type and structure, etc.

With these many varying qualities, you can be worry-free about finding the right wig for yourself. With a little research, you will find brown wigs that will meet all your requirements and match your personality.

·         Everything comes as a natural characteristic of human hair

You may find options with waves, curls, and other natural characteristics when buying brown wigs. As these wigs are made with original human hair, all these qualities come from the natural characteristics of human hair. Thus, the quality will be exceptional, and you will never find any durability issues with your brown wigs.

·         Good for occasional and daily wearing

Brown wigs may look unique, but there will be no issues if you wear them occasionally or daily. It is because of this hair color’s charm, attractiveness, and rarity. The unique hair color helps you stand out wherever you go, and the natural looks of these wigs will help easily pair them up with routine and occasional dresses.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy top-notch comfort because of the premium lace of these wigs that keeps them lightweight and breathable on your scalp.

LUVME Afros Inspired Wigs

A unique type of hair structure is known as afro, and people with this hairstyle have a kinky growth of hair where there are too tight curls. Due to these characteristics, the hair forms a round shape around the head, and this hair type seems to have a much higher volume.

Well, there is no denying it being a unique hair type, so if you want that, you can try the LUVME afros inspired wigs. These wigs bring the same experience and look as having a natural afro hair type. Below are the top 3 most valuable qualities of these wigs.

·         Super transparent lace with glueless installation

Starting with the technicalities, LUVME afros inspired wigs bring you an effortless and convenient hair styling experience. The lace is super transparent, making it easier to blend with your skin. At the same time, these wigs offer glueless installation meaning that everything will be quicker than you expect.

·         Comfortable for your scalp and protective for your hair

While these wigs look unique on your head, they are also comfortable so that you can wear them all day long. There will be no breathability or other issues with the wig. Best of all, these protect your natural hair as you don’t use any product to make your hair look like an afro. Thus, the LUVME afros inspired wigs protect your natural hair and provide comfort for the scalp.

·         Flexibility and versatility in styling

The LUVME afros inspired wigs do not come with any styling restrictions. The hairs of these wigs flawlessly melt with your scalp resulting in a more natural look. You can use that natural look to try different hairstyles or leave the wig hair untied to enjoy the higher volume.


Maintaining unique hairstyles is never easy, so going for a wig will ease many issues. Styling with the wigs shared above will always keep you in the spotlight without needing to put in a lot of effort.

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