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It is believed that Laughter is the best medicine. It releases endorphins that improve our moods, as well as stress relief and energy supply. We’re going to make you laugh even harder today. You should bookmark this page because it has the best jokes in the world! is the biggest site for all kinds pf jokes, so do check them out guys.

This isn’t a joke when I say it. That’s the truth. You will find lots of black humour and general humour here for people who think they’ve seen it all. Here’s where you need to be! Enjoy these funny jokes and laugh your heart out! They were categorized and collected from different Internet sources for ease of viewing.

Note that this website requires a high degree of satire and humour tolerance. If so, I’d like to welcome you warmly! Our five favourite jokes websites from all over the world are listed below! Jokes are available on a range of websites. Below are other websites where you can find jokes.

1.; an English-language website.

It seems apt with at the top of the list. There is a website that shows images of English speakers who make mistakes in other countries.

It is not shameful to make mistakes when English is not your first language, but this comic site usually focuses on business mistakes, and there is no excuse.

Visit here: Filmygod

2. Riding or Die

Funny or Die produces viral videos as well as original comedian content. Valley executives have supported it since it was founded by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy.

You can vote on YouTube videos to determine whether they deserve to be “dead.”

3. The Oignon

If you like satire, you probably heard of The Onion. It’s one of the internet’s best satire websites.

The Chicago-based blog mocks current events through op-eds, editorials and interviews. “[Onion] is the country’s best comic magazine, and has been since its inception,” said Bob Odenkirk once.

4. Overheard New York

New York residents can give snacks of street conversations to Overheard in New York. In addition to the various spin-off sites (such as Overheard at the office and Overheard at the beach), a book of popular quotes has also been published.

5. Photographs of the Wall

While the title “Pictures of Walls” may not seem the most motivating for the comic book, it is indeed a fantastic site.

The book is filled with pictures of people spraying funny slogans on walls, buildings, and other objects. They could be single phrases, or they can be used to modify a sign or publicity.

6. University Humour and other witty websites are gaining popularity. The site was launched in 2000 and comprised a unique collection of pranks, mini-series, drawings and animations.

While the site was originally built with a college audience in mind, there is now something to appeal to a wide range of flavours. Its popularity led to the 2008 MTV series The College Humor Show. Sadly, after only one season, it was cancelled.

7. The Oatmeal is the seventh.

The Oatmeal brand for “comics, contests and stories” focuses on Inman’s cartoons. The material itself contains a variety of subjects, such as English grammar and computer use.

Every piece on the website needs a lot of devotion; Inman stated in an interview in 2010 with the Los Angeles Times that it took about eight hours for each image to create.

8. Family photos embarrassing

In our families, almost everyone has a picture on the wall that makes us wince. On this website, you will find a selection of humiliating pictures that you might not have considered before, from wondrously replicated family portraits to accurately timed snapshots.

You can find the funniest witches on the internet through these websites.

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