Some Least Known Yet Effective Kitchen Design Hacks

So you are perhaps planning to buy house Delhi or you finally got a house that is close to your workplace, school, and all other amenities. It is well-ventilated and everything is exactly the way you want it, but there is one thing that is keeping you from buying that house. That is the seemingly small kitchen. Of course, like everything else in life, nothing can be perfect. But what you can do is to make it seem big and more functional for you. Here are some clever hacks and products for small kitchens and layout design tips for the same.

1.Replace the cabinets with shelves

Shelves are far more accessible and will make your cabinet space more organized. It will also give your kitchen a modern look and save space. These shelves combine beauty with functionality.

2.Extend cupboards to the ceiling

Pick a smooth finish for your cupboards and extend them to the ceiling of your kitchen. It will give you more storage and also give your tiny kitchen more height by attracting attention. It is also easier to clean and it will be even better if you give the cupboards a minimalistic look. In this manner, the kitchen will not look cluttered and give a neat and modern look along with an illusion of a bigger kitchen.

3.Open Shelving

If you are confident in your cleaning skills, then open shelves are a great way to give your kitchen a more open look. It makes the kitchen feel light and airy. Closed cabinets will give your tiny kitchen a closed feel and take up a lot of visual space. Open shelving will open up the walls and make a reasonable visual space in the kitchen. If possible, opt for an open kitchen plan as it will also make the kitchen look bigger than a closed kitchen.

4.Use shiny and reflective material

Even in the Palace of Versailles, the French emperor used windows and mirrors to give an illusion of grandeur to his royal guests. That is because the mirrors on one side of the gallery reflected the view from the windows overlooking the gardens. Similarly, in your kitchen, you can use glass and mirrors to create an illusion of an open and bigger space. There is a lot of scope for reflective materials to be used in the kitchen. It can be used in wooden cabinetry, doors, a backsplash in the kitchen, and you may use reflective metallic material too, if the glass is not your cup of tea. These materials are also easy to clean.

5.Use whites for your kitchen

It is usually recommended to stick to a single or monotonous colour pattern for small spaces. You can go for a white palette and use different shades of white, such as ivory, grey, or cream! You can also experiment with white textures and patterns that will give your kitchen a classy look while the white will reflect the light and make your kitchen look bigger.

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There are many more splendid small kitchen design tips. You just need to choose which will fit your kitchen and the budget. But you certainly do not need to be disheartened if your new kitchen is smaller than your expectations. There is always a solution!

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