Solar Parking Lot Lighting Solutions

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You drive, circulate, search, go, come back, and there’s no way around it: it’s getting harder and harder to find a parking space. Indeed, in recent years the car fleet has increased a lot in our country. According to data from National Traffic Department, in the last decade alone, the percentage increase in the vehicle fleet was eleven times greater than the population growth. To solve this problem, some solutions are interesting, for example, parking with solar energy.

The growth in the volume of cars has demanded an increase in the number of parking spaces. And there is parking for so many cars! Have you ever stopped to think that these parking areas can serve not only to house your precious vehicle but can also have another function, a little more noble?

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How Does Solar Energy Parking Work?

The idea behind the system is simple: as most parking lots are covered, the traditional roof, which usually consists of metal tiles, is replaced by photovoltaic panels. These boards typically work as if they were located elsewhere, such as on the roof of a building, for example. They capture energy from the sun, which is later converted into electrical energy through solar inverters. That simple!

On What Criteria to Choose Your Solar Lighting for Parking Area

How to choose and where to place your solar lighting?

Automatic solar outdoor lighting

A simple solar light comes on automatically at sunset when the light goes down. Some products allow this sensitivity to light to be determined. The advantage is that the lighting turns on by itself, without you having to think about it. But maybe some evenings you prefer to keep the parking area dark. In this case, opt for solar lights that have a switch:

  • ON: the lighting is on as long as the batteries have resources.
  • OFF: the lighting remains off.
  • AUTO: the lighting comes on at nightfall and goes off at daybreak or when the batteries are empty.

It is not possible to connect a remote switch to solar lighting.

Solar Parking Lighting With Motion Detector

The motion detectors are handy little sensors to trigger the ignition of lighting the passage of a person. This technology, already present in ordinary luminaires, is also found in certain solar-powered products.

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Solar Parking Lot Lights: How Do They Work?

Photons strike the photovoltaic solar panel during the day. Electrons are extracted from photons and channelled to DC electricity, where they are stored in the battery. Smart Power technology prevents the battery from being overcharged. Sensors included in the light’s electrical components determine when the sun has dipped below the horizon. This instructs the electrical management system to redirect energy flow from the battery to the light fixture.

Solar Powered Parking: An Innovation That Really Works

Now that you know how it works and the advantages and disadvantages of using this innovative system, some questions may still populate your mind: Does this system really work? Has it already been deployed somewhere?

The answers to these questions are: yes! The system exists and works. And the best part: in addition to being sustainable, with a footprint of environmental responsibility through the generation of clean energy, the system can bring an absolute reduction in energy costs, an economy that cannot be dispensed with, especially in the current moment of crisis.

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