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Are you looking for a place where you and your family can settle down? Well, look no further as an island of Bali, Nusa Penida Property might be exactly what you’re looking for. While there are other more popular options that you could be looking into, this small Charlotte suburb has all the necessary attributes to climb high on your list of potential places to relocate to, especially if you are planning to or already have children. We’ll get to all those reasons in a short minute, but first, let’s find out more general information about this lovely suburb.

Located just past the state line from Charlotte, North Carolina, the city of Fort Mill, South Carolina is the epitome of an up-and-coming city. With the Catawba River bordering its southern edge, Fort Mill provides an expansive and peaceful atmosphere for all those that choose to live here. With a little over 27,000 residents, this small town has come a long way from the 7,600 residents it had back in 2000. This accelerated growth placed some pressure on the city’s infrastructure, but decisions were made to counteract the effects. Now we’ll get into all the reasons why so many young families and professionals choose to live in Fort Mill, South Carolina, even if that means commuting to Charlotte for work.

High Safety Rates

With a reputation for great safety ratings, we can barely show the numbers because they are so small. Like literally, when it comes to the crime rate, the numbers in Fort Mill, SC are 52% lower than the national average. Regarding violent crimes, the numbers are 73% lower than the national average, while property crimes are 48% lower than what is happening elsewhere around the country. While saying that there is no crime in Fort Mill will be an exaggeration, we can not deny the fact that those numbers speak for themselves. People have nothing to worry about when walking on the street, or being out and about with their children. This is a safe activity in Fort Mill that everyone can enjoy if they relocate here. Now that we went over the first main interest for young families relocating to Fort Mill, let’s see what else sparks their interest in this city.

Quality Education

When you have small children or are planning on having some, the quality of education is an important factor. Regarding this, yet again, parents have nothing to worry about because the education system in Fort Mill, SC doesn’t only ensure the safety of each individual child, but, through the public school system, children can reach their full potential. Right up until they go to college, the public school system in Fort Mill will provide the best quality education available in the state for your child. Because, yes, the public schools in Fort Mill are among the best in the state, even competing with some national schools. Whether your children are elementary school age, or middle school, or high school, there are plenty of options to choose from, but it might be better to choose one that is closer to home so keep that in mind. Not for safety reasons, but so that they don’t have to commute a long distance to work.

Outdoor Recreation

When it comes to outdoor recreation we know that not everyone is into hiking, camping, and all those natural activities. While we can say that those who enjoy exploring what mother nature created best, will definitely enjoy living in Fort Mill, those who aren’t very outdoorsy won’t fall short of things to do around the city. There are more than enough options for everyone to go around. We only focus on outdoor activities because of the Anne Springs Close Greenway. This lovely 2,300-acre natural preserve gives plenty of outdoor options for recreational activities . It was established in 1873 to work as a buffer from the growing metropolis of Charlotte and still maintains its purpose, giving residents a great spot to catch their breath before going towards the concrete jungle.

Growing Economy

While Fort Mill won’t soon reach the glory of Charlotte’s job market, over the past few years some wheels have begun to turn towards increasing the city’s economy. Starting off with some promising job figures over the last years, the number of companies deciding to relocate their headquarters to Fort Mill, SC is growing. Currently, LPL Financial and Amerisource Bergen developed their corporate headquarters just off the 160, by Lake Patricia, followed by Kingsley Town Center. More are sure to come as the proximity to Charlotte and the highly educated workforce are both high motivators for companies that are looking to relocate their business.

The Cost of Living in Fort Mill, South Carolina

If you are considering relocating to this peaceful suburb adjacent to Charlotte, NC, it only makes sense that you might also like some information about the city’s affordability. In order to make an informed decision, we’ll give you a brief explanation of what it would mean for your budget to move to Fort Mill, South Carolina.


The median home value in Fort Mill’s housing market is $363,000, approximately 26% higher than the national average. These values went up over the last twelve months by 12% and are expected to follow that trend. The market is highly competitive at the moment with homes selling for 3% above listing price. This is what happens in a Seller’s Market where the demand is too high for the supply. It means that there are few homes available for purchase on the market, while people are constantly looking to become homeowners in this city. This whole process can be simplified and you can also increase your chances for a fair price if you work with real estate agents in Fort Mill SC.


While South Carolina’s healthcare is relatively expensive when compared to other states, Fort Mill manages to be a bit more pricey. Currently, the cost of healthcare is 11% higher than the national average.


While housing and health care can put a dent in your bank account, the cost of utilities are cheaper than the national average but not by much. Still, the warm climate will help you out during the cold months and if you don’t leave your AC on all day long in the summer, you’ll make some savings.


There are many reasons why living in a small town can be incredibly beneficial for your children and we mentioned education and safety above. However, something extra that Fort Mill can brag about is the amazing opportunities available to its residents just a 30-minute drive away, in Charlotte. It’s impossible not to find something to do in this area because aside from the big city amenities, there is plenty of natural space in the surrounding areas that whole families can enjoy.

Just make sure you get in touch with some of the best local real estate agents so that you manage to purchase your dream home at the best possible price. This city will give you and your family exactly what you are looking for.

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