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Introducing Xo Slot Santa surprise game Santa surprise is a popular slot game that has been hot for weeks. It is a familiar slot xo game for both old and new players at, as everyone knows the performer Santa (Santa Claus).

I’m sure many people probably have seen cartoons or a movie about Santa Claus who was dressed in red with a white mustache carrying gifts to give to the children. At Christmas but not only this, Santa Claus did not give a single present. It is also a symbol of love and kindness that is available to all human beings.

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Picture symbols and in-game icons include Santa Claus, bell, socks, gift boxes, cozy houses, Christmas trees, jack letters, numbers 10 9  on bak slot xo. These symbols convey, including the belief of westerners, such as the legend of the socks, which comes from the legend that the real Santa Claus is Saint Nicholas. Who sympathizes with a young woman, her three poor cousins?

So secretly dropped the money into the chimneys of the women’s houses. And the coins flowed into the sock. That you put to dry by the side of the fireplace when waking up in the morning the three young ladies were delighted to have money in their socks.  This story has spread all over the world. Make the children wait for uncle Santa to ride a rickshaw with reindeer to drop presents into socks.


Scatter this Santa surprise game uses the symbol as warm home the main function of the diffuser this triggers the free spins feature or the bonus game. Usually, the spreader is active, which means slot. You have to spin the wheel so that it meets on the pay line ready. To be able to enable the feature some scatter slots in this game should have 3 or more symbols on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th reels. All 10 free games, maybe not a lot, but guaranteed to be released often. Slotxo mamma mia

Free game

If the player gets 3 more scatters stickers, slot-free games will be awarded, also known as free spins (free spins) as follows, depending on the amount of scatters received, up to 10 times. Getting a special mark that’s a wild symbol that can be used as a reward for scatters, assuming a player spins 1 scatters, but if a wild symbol is included, the player gets a free spin.

Wild symbol

Wild symbol gaming world symbol is a special symbol that can reward any symbol (omit to scatter) from this feature. Therefore, the wild symbol is a symbol that will give players the chance to win more money playing slots games. In this game, pandas are used as wild symbols. However, please ask Santa Claus to help your friends. Slotxo MSN BET Santa surprise.

The lines of Santa surprise game has 20 common lines, winning ways from left to right. It should also have 2 or more of the same symbols, up to 5 boxes.  Therefore, it is called win and the payout rate is calculated according to the value of that symbol, which can be calculated by multiplying the sum of the number of lines, and of course, we can get more than 1 line per spin.  Soltxo white snake

The prize money will be added even more. The specialty of this game is there is a small number of random guesses. Makes each random spin have a high probability. That is about to get a line for pressing spin only once.

Santa surprise slots review

In-game symbols and icons for example Santa Claus, bells, socks, gift boxes, warm houses, Christmas trees, letters jkaq, numbers 10 9. These symbols include European faith. For example, the sock legend comes from a legend. Say the real Santa Claus is Saint Nicholas. He sympathized with the three miserable cousin women, so he dropped the money into the smokestack. And coins flowed into their socks, they lay by the fireplace.

When they woke up in the morning, the three young ladies had good hearts with money in their socks. This topic has spread all over the world, causing children to wait for uncle Santa. Ride a carriage with the reindeer and leave the presents inside the sock. There are 20 winning paths from left to right. And there must be 3 or more identical symbols, a maximum of 5 cells will be called win and the payout will be calculated based on the value of that symbol.

It is calculated by multiplying the total number of lines and course, we get more than 1 line per spin, the more the prize. The specialty of this game is that there are few random numbers. This gives each random spin a high chance. To have a line for pressing spin only once introducing the new xo slot game.