Six Types of Apps Entrepreneurs Can Build for Profit

Convenient and lucrative, applications like Tinder, Snapchat, and Door Dash are now significant cultural icons. If you’ve ever thought of making your own app, there is no greater time than now to begin. There are many opportunities for monetizing apps, as well, like white-labeling for resale to various corporations or leveraging advertisement space within the app’s pages. Here are six types of apps to consider that will make life easier for your target audience and possibly put money in your pocket.

Productivity App

A popular type of mobile app is one that helps users push the limits of their creativity. Adobe Firefly, for instance, is Adobe’s suite of artificial intelligence tools that utilize generative ai to generate new images of art that do not currently exist. A productivity app of this nature could allow users to save and rate their favorite productions. There could also be suggestions for other items from your friend list . This kind of app is suitable for people who like discovering new products and wish to share them with their family and associates.

Recommendations App

Pinterest and similar recommendation apps are useful to those looking to explore new ways of doing things. With images, videos, and infographics that provide knowledge, users are able to save and categorize this content to visual boards that help to inspire. A recommendations app would suggest additional content based on these current interests that could propel the user forward in life even more.

Directory App

Being able to find a list of options readily is one of those conveniences that a native or mobile app can offer. An app example is Airbnb which is a directory of homes that you can rent while the owners are traveling or space for local activities that individuals wish to promote for incoming tourists. Let’s say, for example, that a stand-up comedian wants to make an app to communicate all of the open mics that happen in every city each night. This app is ideal for people who look for recommendations of places to go.

Marketplace App

An easy go-to app idea is the general marketplace where people can buy and sell things to one another. Etsy is an example of a hybrid marketplace app where you can download a native app but there’s also a practically identical experience online in a mobile or desktop version. Some features include creating your own profile, listing an inventory, and managing payments. For those looking to start an online business, try using either an existing marketplace or establishing a niche one with a unique product line in order to be successful.

Social App

New social media apps are entering the market swiftly, saturating the already overabundant social media. Yet, fear not, because new and fresh ideas or opportunities are sparking constantly. Perhaps the next new social app is coming from the person reading this right now. With social apps, like Facebook, people are able to reconnect with long-lost family and classmates. They can share content, like images and videos, or create a community. Social apps are meant to help you share your interests and personality while staying in contact.

Tracking App

As we become responsible for more and more, having the ability to follow the progress of tasks in real-time is great. Tracking apps can make a set of goals that the user can update as time progresses. This type of app is helpful for people who require a bit of motivation to stay inspired and productive. A few examples of uses for tracking apps include:

  • organizing events
  • managing fitness goals
  • learning a new curriculum online
  • playing online games that advance to new levels

In conclusion, there are a variety of applications that an entrepreneur could create and bring to market that are potentially profitable. To be a success, the app must resolve a problem or fulfill a need in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. Consider the hardships within your current occupation or even a hobby for which you can find a digital resolution and then consider how to monetize it for a chance at significantly improving your wealth.

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