Silicone Injection molding problems involved in silicone parts

The operation details of silicone parts and silicone injection molding have long plagued many silicone manufacturers. Among them, In the production of silicone dust cover, technology is naturally inseparable. Only with high technology can the performance of rubber dust cover be improved in many aspects. So under the high technology, what will the performance of this product be improved?

This starts with silicone parts. First of all, if we use silicone injection molding, it will greatly improve its oil resistance. When users use this product, they first hope that the rubber dust cover has good oil resistance .

However, this also requires manufacturers to better process the product materials, so if the manufacturer’s technology is not improved, the oil resistance will decrease.

Case Study: Silicone rubber dust cover

Silicone injection molding is very suitable for the production of such products. Furthermore, when users use such rubber products, they need to have certain high temperature resistance. The material of this product itself has a certain sensitivity to high temperature, and in order to achieve the purpose of high temperature resistance, it needs to be treated technically. This is a typical silicone parts problem, we can disassemble it for analysis.

If the production technology of a rubber dust cover is insufficient, its high temperature resistance performance will naturally decline. Silicone injection molding provides it with a guarantee of high temperature resistance.Although the products of some manufacturers in the market can also be used, they naturally show their own shortcomings under the high temperature environment, which is precisely for this reason.

Finally, the rubber dust cover is also a silicone parts product, and the sealing performance it will have during use is also affected by technology. If a manufacturer does not have a good technical advantage, it will naturally reduce its sealing performance. Therefore, when users use this type of rubber products, they need to choose high-tech silicone rubber products manufacturers. Manufacturers usually use silicone injection molding to manufacture silicone products, which is the most common choice.

Only if a manufacturer has all aspects of technical improvement, can the quality of the product be truly guaranteed. So in the field of silicone parts, no one will allow technical deficiencies. The reason why the products of brand manufacturers have many performance advantages is precisely because they have better advantages in production technology. On the contrary, the reason why it is difficult for small manufacturers to ensure quality is also because of technology. Technology determines the height of product quality, so silicone injection molding has its rationale sex.

silicone parts and silicone rubber material

The above is about: Many properties of rubber dust cover are affected by production technology.

Friends who like silicone products must have seen it, indicating that it has beautiful multi-color and complex patterns or patterns. This is largely the effect of silicone injection molding. It may be because of the performance of silicone products, or it may be because of its beautiful appearance that they love it! I believe that everyone still pays more attention to the appearance, so how are the beautiful and complex patterns of silicone products made? Obviously, we still need to find the answer from silicone parts.

When we see the pattern, we first think of printing. Silicone printing is also called silicone screen printing. The role of silicone parts is not only in the field of industrial parts. The silicone screen printing process is divided into screen printing, pad printing, transfer printing, etc. The most commonly used is screen printing. The patterns and characters of the silicone silk screen printing are delicate and clear, with good wear resistance and low cost.

By silicone injection molding, we can also achieve silicone screen printing. Silicone pad printing these beautiful patterns on the steel plate. Silicone parts helped us achieve this technology. When the pad printer scratches once, the ink will gather in the indented place, and the silicone head above it can be printed on the product with the ink. The advantage of silicone pad printing is that the printing speed is fast, and several color patterns and patterns can be made at the same time. The disadvantage is that compared to silk screen printing, the ink is slightly thinner and not as bright.

in conclusion

If silicone parts is an important branch of silicone production, then silicone injection molding is the most important process. Silicone transfer printing has thermal transfer printing and water transfer printing. Transfer printing is to directly press the printed pattern on the product when making a product. Silicone transfer printing can print complex colors. Those complex and beautiful silicone products seen on the market The pattern pattern is made by transfer printing. The cost of silica gel transfer technology is high, so it is not widely used.