Signs That You Are A Victim Of Workplace Retaliation

The law has given certain rights to employees, and employers are not supposed to stop the workers from practicing them. However, not all employers follow the law. They often assume that their employees would not bother taking legal action against them for retaliating. The silence of workers is why cases of workplace retaliation have skyrocketed.

When faced with workplace retaliation, you must always take the necessary steps to get justice. Simply giving in or leaving your job will do you no good. It is typical to feel helpless in such situations, but an Essex county employment attorney can help you explore your legal options.

Signs that you are facing workplace retaliation

1. You are being given the silent treatment. 

If you are being given silent treatment or ignored by your employer and colleagues after registering a complaint, then it is probably a form of retaliation. You may notice that people at work may avoid talking to you or exclude you from important discussions and meetings.

2. You are given an unexplained demotion. 

Have you been demoted without any reason, even after doing the best at your job? The law has made it illegal for employers to fire workers for registering a valid complaint. Therefore, your employer may try to show their dislike for you in other forms, such as demoting you to a position that may force you to leave your job. This way, the employer gets away looking innocent. However, remember that your employer must have evidence of your bad performance for demoting you.

3. Your wages are reduced. 

If your wages or salary is reduced after you lodge a complaint, it is probably a way of showing retaliation. You may notice that no other person in your department is getting this pay cut except you. When your employer reduces your hours of work, it results in a pay cut. Maybe you worked 40 hours a week, but after filing the complaint, your hours are suddenly reduced to 30. This is often done to penalize the employee for filing the complaint.

4. Your job benefits are denied. 

Companies offer various kinds of benefits for their employees. These may include paid vacation, tuition reimbursement, paid sick leaves, retirement plans, etc. If your employee refuses these benefits but gives them to your co-workers, it should be on the list of your concerns.

5. You get fired after filing the complaint. 

Suppose you have been doing an excellent job at your workplace, and your employer is pleased with you. They even give you great performance reviews every month. Then you file a complaint against an employee, and suddenly, you get fired. The situation is pretty self-explanatory and shows clear signs of retaliation.

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