[Sharing] How to downgrade or revert into an older Android app version?

The developer frequently releases new versions in order to add updated features to the app and make it work better on your device. However, new is not always good. The latest version may be compatible for devices with high operating systems, but it is not the best for devices with lower operating systems. Many new versions of popular Android apps have problems, negatively impacting the user experience. So, how to revert an app to its previous version? Let’s see what we can do with APK Downloader in this article!

What is the app version?

The term “app version” refers to distinct states of an app as it is created and delivered. Words and numbers are often used to identify different versions of this app. 

For example, Version 1.0 is frequently used to refer to an app’s original release. There is no standard on how version numbers should be formatted. As a result, each app developer has its own way of allocating version numbers.

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Why are there different versions?

New versions are released in order to add updated features or fixing bugs and security holes. The new version number is incremented to indicate the app has been installed with enhancements. Version numbering is especially important in corporate settings, where products and services may rely on specific features to a given software version.

Why downgrade the app update version?

If you are not satisfied with the current version of the application after updating because of some app errors or heavier file size taking up too much  capacity in your device, or the new version’s interface has changed which is so unfamiliar to you… Then you can totally downgrade the app to an older version to suit your needs.

Instructions to downgrade app versions

To revert into older Android app versions is not difficult. However, not all apps allow us to freely use an older version. Some apps only support downgrading to a certain version while others force us to update to the latest version – especially online game apps.

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Instructions to revert into old versions with APK file

Using APK files is the most useful approach for actively installing older app versions from the outside support. Through the APK file store, we can easily find an older version to install as well as replace the current version.

There are many APK file stores recently, of which the most popular is APKfun.com – an APK store with more than 3 million apps and games that are completely secure and safe for users. . . Below is the instruction to download the older app version by using APK files for those who don’t know.

Step 1: Visit APKfun homepage > click on the magnifying glass icon, type the keyword corresponding to the app name that you need to download into the search bar > select the appropriate result.

Step 2: In the app interface, scroll down to the section “Previous version” and click the “Add” button. A list of older versions will appear below, then just choose the one you want to download.

Above are some information for you about the APK files as well as how to downgrade the app version. Thank you for reading!