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Types of football bets are always something that any player who participates in betting is also extremely interested and wants to learn to be able to enter the bet in the most accurate way. However, not all players know the standard information about the bets they will need to check. To help bettors have the most profitable investment process, 123B will share with you all the information on this topic in the article below.

What is the concept of football odds?

Football betting is a popular game through predicting the score of a match when there is no official result of the match. Football odds are arithmetic, describing the numbers that the house gives in the house’s odds table. In order to bring information to players related to strong or weak teams and also the odds of winning each door for players to choose.

Definition of basic football odds

The most popular types of football bets today

During the betting process, the house will be the place to provide players with a variety of odds in many different forms. Members can choose each type of rafters to suit different needs and desires. Here are some popular and indispensable bets such as


The draw is known as a 1-left handicap, which means that the home team will give the away team a result. If the home team wins with a difference of two goals, the bet will be won. If the home team wins with a difference of only 1 goal, it will be counted as a draw. If the away team wins, you will lose the original bet.

  • If you bet to win, you win.
  • If you place a losing bet, you will lose your money.
  • If the two teams tie, you will be refunded.

Types of football bets: Field Handicap

Football betting experts say that the ball bet, also known as another professional name, is the no. In Asia, this bet is widely used and widely used, when it appears, it means that both teams are evenly matched with no big difference in the score.

  • If the above team wins, then the player continues to choose the above team, then the bet will be won.
  • When the two teams tie, both teams return to the money.
  • When the underdog team wins, the player who chooses the underdog to win will have enough money.

These are the three most likely situations when playing a tie. Therefore, participants need to observe and learn carefully the information directly related to the match that they want to bet on.

The most popular types of football bets: Handicap

Handicap one left

This is one of the most popular football bets and is being used at many popular bookies today. The house uses this bet to create a balance in the match when both teams have a difference. in terms of: level, quality and squad,…

The handicap bet on one left is 0.5, also known as the ¼ left handicap. Proving this, the house will give the odds to create a balance in the betting process. However, the one-hand handicap is most applicable, players note that at the end of the round there will be three cases such as:

  • If participating in a handicap, then the top and winning team, besides having a difference of one goal, the two teams will tie.
  • If the top team wins and there is a total difference of two goals, whoever places the upper hand will win.
  • If the lower door team wins or draws, the player placed on the bottom door will win.

Experience in money the most effective football bets

In order to have the most successful betting investments, in addition to knowing the types of bets on the member, you need to equip yourself with basic information related to football betting. Specifically, for your betting process to be the most successful, 123B would like to share the experiences gathered from experts as follows:

  • Choose a house with an accurate rate, reputation, and stable quality.
  • It is important to know the rules of each bet.
  • If you are a new player, enter money in simple bets first.
  • You should invest time to thoroughly research the team you are about to bet on
  • One point that you need to keep in mind is that you need to keep your mind up when betting to avoid being influenced by crowd opinions and tricks from the house.

The secret to the unbeaten ball bet


Above is the entire content related to the types of football bets that we share in the article with the desire to bring you useful information and the best betting tips. Hopefully, the things that brings to a certain part of the betting route for you in the most convenient way.

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