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The structure of the roof of the house รับสร้างบ้านโคราช is considered an important part of the house as well because the roof serves to protect the house from the sun and rain. including residents because with the roof structure and the roof is the part that is the maximum of the house so the problem The weight of the roof is therefore rarely found, but the most common is a problem of adhesion of the roof. roofs and roof structures, such as when strong winds blow, the roof is unstable or have poor adhesion have a chance to be blown away Or damage more than the problem that is frequent. Another thing is roof cracking or leaking, these problems are often caused. From the material used to make the roof or the lack of elaboration in the roof, because the roof is the highest part. the best of the house When problems arise, they are often invisible and difficult to fix. Therefore, meticulous procedures and proper supervision will greatly reduce problems. The structure of the roof can be divided into two main parts:

  1. roof frame
  2. Roofing material

Roof trusses are structures that carry the weight of roofing materials. It serves to hold roofs such as roof tiles in a stable, strong and orderly manner. At the same time, it will act as a retainer. whole roof connect to The structure of the columns and beams of the house is strong. must be connected Or strong adhesion and still have stability to withstand the weather. and the condition of the passage of time In addition, the construction must be done neatly and accurately in terms of various sizes and distances in order for the finished roof line to be in a neat manner. The roof trusses used in general houses may be divided into two main types according to The materials used are

  1. wooden roof frame Wooden roof trusses were widely used in the old days. because the cost of materials is low The construction process is not difficult, does not require a lot of tools. Another thing, houses in the past were still popular as wooden houses. connection between roof trusses with the structure of columns and beams that are made of the same wood can be done easily But nowadays most houses are planted as buildings. Coupled with wood being a rarer and more expensive material. especially good quality wood That gives strength and stability is more rare and expensive. In addition, the wooden roof structure may have termite problems later on. Therefore, wooden roof trusses are not popular nowadays. For general buildings that are buildings but also used for wooden houses
  2. Steel roof structure Steel roof trusses are commonly used roof trusses for houses nowadays because steel is easily available in the market. To suit the weight and shape of each house differently. In addition, steel is also a material. that provides strength and stability as well Free from termite problems In terms of durability and longevity, steel that has been treated with anti-rust treatments such as galvanizing or a well-painted coating will last a lifetime. for many decades under normal operating conditions

roof selection There are several principles that must be taken into account as follows:

  1. The roof must be suitable for the climate. is a hot and humid climate which has both heat from the sun and air humidity Therefore, the choice of roof therefore must take into account the ability in heat protection including design under-roof cooling system and heat protection By using insulation materials that can prevent heat well. In the case of cooling under the roof Ventilation holes should be drilled to allow the wind to blow the heat under the roof out of the house easily. Does not retain heat until it vents through the ceiling to the room below. The shape of the roof that is accepted that is suitable for our climate is gable roof and a hipped roof because it can protect from sun and rain, and can also ventilate under the roof well. Other types of roofs are also available. If there is a solution about sun protection and thoroughly about cooling under the roof as well as taking into account The factors in the next item
  2. The roof must be beautiful and harmonious with the shape of the house. Each type of roof should have unique characteristics that reflect the image of the homeowner differently. Therefore, choosing any type of roof should be viewed from The shape of the house as well as the external environment of the house
  3. The roof must fit the budget. Each type of roof, although in the same area. But the construction cost is different. Due to different construction difficulty and different materials used By categorizing the roofs that are popular in general from the cheapest type to the most expensive type.

– Flat roof (Slab)

– Lean To roof

– Gable roof

– Hip roof

– Undirected roof (Modern Style)

  1. Strong resistance to changes in weathering,
  2. It is a fireproof material to prevent fire,
  3. It is a material that does not retain heat and prevents external noise, etc.

type of roof

Different types of roof styles commonly used Each type of roof has different advantages and disadvantages. for you to consider choosing as appropriate The types of roofs can be divided into different types as follows:

  1. Flat roof (Flat Slab) has a flat appearance similar to a floor, so it is often used as a deck. but because it gets a lot of heat And not much sun and rain, so it’s not suitable for our home much. But what can be used together is seen as a commercial building or a multi-storey high-rise commercial building. and buildings that do not focus on the beauty of the roof shape This type of roof construction is similar. with floor construction But there is something that should be done. should be mixed with waterproofing solution or should have another layer of waterproofing material which makes this type of roof area more usable
  2. The roof of the dog shed (Lean To) is a roof that is raised on one side higher than the other. to be able to drain the rainwater Suitable for small homes Because the construction is easy, fast, cheap, but be careful that the roof should have enough inclination angle. to drain the rainwater out in time, not to seep back in This may be considered in conjunction with other factors such as the slope of the roof. roofing material and the stacking phase of the roof, etc., in the event that there is a chance or risk that rainwater will flow back into It should use more slope accordingly. in order to be able to drain the rainwater faster
  3. Butterfly roof (Butterfly) This type of roof consists of two shed roofs facing the lower side to collide. not suitable for climate where it rains a lot like in Thailand Because there must be a gutter that supports rainwater from the roof on both sides, causing the gutter to have a high chance of leaking. therefore not very popular Except for buildings that require special characteristics that are out of the ordinary.
  4. Gable roof is a roof suitable for the hot and humid climate of Thailand. It looks like the roof of a dog shed, two backs collide, with a high ridge in the middle. It is a roof that is convenient in construction. Can protect the sun and rain well and can be cooled under the roof as well
  5. Hip Roof is a roof that protects from sun and rain well in every aspect. majestic But this type of roof is expensive. Because it consumes more materials than other types of roofs. as well as requiring a reasonably skilled technician in the construction because there are more details than other types of roofs
  6. Contemporary roof (Modern & Contemporary) is a roof that has a modern shape, different from the above 5 designs and uses modern materials. causing strange shapes But be careful about heat and leakage.

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