Reasons You Need To Sleep On A Latex Mattress

A quality mattress is one of the prerequisites for good sleep, a well-established fact. If you are searching for a quality mattress, you should try the Wakefit latex mattress. A latex mattress online is one of the most popular types of mattress, as it is known for great comfort as well as durability. Not just that, it improves your sleep health while being sustainable. In this blog, you will learn in detail why you should sleep on a latex mattress. 

What is a Latex Mattress?

For an average adult, long hours at work along with household chores are a common thing. So it is essential that when you sleep at the end of it, you get a comfortable and undisturbed sleep. But more often than not, that does not happen. That is because of the improper mattress you rest on. A natural latex mattress is a solution to this. It gives your body much-needed care and allows you to sleep undisturbed. It is made from the sap of a rubber tree. The sap is then harvested and processed into a latex foam that is durable, supportive, and soft. Let’s dive into the reasons why it makes for a great sleeping surface.

Reasons Why You Should Sleep On A Latex Mattress

Relieves Back Pain

One of the common grouses of people is back pain. Not only is it because of sitting or standing for long hours, but also because of the surface they sleep on. A low-quality mattress can trouble your neck and shoulders as it does not offer proper support. That leads to turning and tossing at night and improper body posture. A solution to this is to sleep on a latex mattress, as it provides buoyant support and a gentle cushion for the body. When you sleep, the mattress takes on the shape of the body and perfectly adjusts to the contour. This contouring provides pain relief to the lower back and joints, while the natural elasticity of latex maintains neutral spinal alignment while supporting areas of the back and neck. Since the body gets optimal support all through the night, you wake up feeling fresh and energetic. 

Hygienic and Hypoallergenic

The accumulation of microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, and fungi on the surface of the mattress is not uncommon. That is because of the sweat and other bodily discharges that happen at night. That means there are chances of mildew and mould forming, despite changing the bedding often. This results in an unsafe sleeping space, and allergies can get triggered. A latex mattress that is hypoallergenic prevents all this from happening. Latex has antimicrobial properties, which prevent harmful microorganisms from accumulating. So it is an excellent choice for people with allergies or for anyone who is on a budget and can’t hire professionals to clean the mattress. Plus, latex is made without any chemicals, so it is the best option for people with respiratory issues as there is no ungassing of chemicals. 

No More Sleeping Hot

People tend to sleep hot at night. This, along with sleeping on a mattress with heat retention, leads to night sweats and uncomfortable sleep. All this can be prevented when you purchase a latex mattress, as it has the natural property of keeping it cold. The foam is made with an open-cell structure and pinholes for better breathability. Plus, no chemicals are added that retain body heat, so you get a temperature-neutral mattress. The mattress’s natural properties keep the surface cold during the summer by allowing proper air movement in and out, and in the winter, it keeps the body cosy and warm for great sleep all year. If you want a cooler mattress, you can also choose one with a breathable cover made of cotton. 

Orthopaedic Comfort

A regular mattress suffers from quick wear and tear, which results in too much sagging, because of which the body does not get the optimal support needed. Also, when you don’t pick the right firmness, it can cause uncomfortable sleep. Whereas when you use a mattress like a latex memory foam mattress, it gives you the right amount of support as it contours to your body shape and offers pressure relief. It is ideal for those who have cervical problems or spondylitis, too. 

No Partner Disturbance

Latex mattresses offer optimal firmness and comfort, and that is one of the keys to undisturbed sleep. When you sleep on this mattress, even if your partner turns and tosses all night, there are no disturbances as the pressure is absorbed and not spread across the surface. Also, there are no jerks or sags of the foam that can disturb you at night. Additionally, the mattress is neither too soft nor too firm, and the body is not uncomfortable or stiff because of that. Some manufacturers also add spring construction, which makes it bouncy but also has edge support so that you do not fall off the edges at night. 


A latex mattress is known for its long-term comfort and durability. The firmness of latex enables the mattress to stay in its original shape for a long time. The use of high-quality foam is one of the reasons it can maintain its shape and prevent sinking and sagging. A premium quality mattress can have an average life of more than 12 years, which is much longer than other mattress types. That is due to the resilience of natural rubber sap. Additionally, it can also maintain the bounce after the pressure is released, so it retains its original shape even after years of use. 


As mentioned earlier, natural latex is made from rubber tree sap, and the tree is not cut down or hurt during the extraction. Also, the tree can reproduce the sap for 30 years, which helps in the growth of the tree and is thus very sustainable. Natural latex is biodegradable, so it does not stay in landfills, making it a good eco-friendly mattress choice. 

If you are in the market to buy a new mattress, hopefully the above benefits of a latex mattress have given you enough reasons for choosing it. A good night’s sleep is vital for your overall well-being, so check out the various latex mattress options and make the right decision!