Reasons why Calgary garage packages are so popular

When you check out the properties in Calgary, you will mostly come across high-rise condos, townhomes complexes etc. You will not find many homes with garage suites yet, but things are changing now. Garage suites are new in the city, and people are now including them in their homes. Homeowners in Edmonton and Vancouver are already benefiting from it for years. Building a garage suite in Calgary can benefit you in several ways. Some of them are given below:

Enjoy rental income

The most assured benefit that you can derive from a garage suite is a secondary source of income. You can rent the space, and depending on its size, location and feature; you can enjoy an earning between $1000 to $2000 from your tenant.

Air BnB income

Some homeowners also use their garage suite as an Air BnB platform. Corporates love Air BnB in the city as they offer a feeling of home away from home. So, using your garage suite as an Air BnB rental can help you earn from $100 to$300 per night, depending on the location, space and feature.

It is also a flexible option as you can choose when you want to use the space for yourself and when you want to rent it.

A future investment

Building a garage suite enhances the overall value of your property. If you want to sell your home in the future, you will fetch a higher price for it.

You can choose from the several garage packages available; you can easily get your garage suite designed and constructed on an affordable budget only to make it worth a big amount five to eight years down the road. It is a win-win condition, and you will benefit financially in the long run.

Work from home

With recent changes in the work pattern of people, they often look out for comfortable office space in their homes. Garage suites provide the best option to have a personalized workspace away from your home to keep distractions away.

A backyard garage suite can be personalized and converted into a work area, meeting room, etc. It helps you be productive when you have a rigid work from home schedule.

Multiple generation abode

You always want your close ones to stay close to you. You don’t want your kids or grandparents to stay away from you. The great thing is that a customized garage suite fits all your special needs. It works as a perfect place for your kids to play and your grandparents to stay close to you.

Flex space

Be it office, gym, entertainment space, storage room or recreational space; you can convert your garage suite into anything you want. It completely depends on your lifestyle, needs and preferences.

It works as a flex space which can be used as you want.

So, you can use your garage suite in more ways than you can think of. If you don’t have one, get one constructed now by choosing the best garage packages and seeing how it offers the best ROI with time.

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