Ravindra Jadeja, Age, Biography and Wife

Ravindra Jadeja is a left-arm spinner and the fastest Indian to score 200 Test wickets. On 22 January 2017, he made his international debut and scored his first Test century against West Indies, India in Rajkot, India in 2018. He is also a top-class cricketer and has played in IPL. In 2012, the Chennai Super Kings purchased him at an IPL auction for $2million.

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Rivaba Solanki, a BJP politician, is his wife. She supports Ravindra Jadeja during Cricket Tournaments. Jadeja, who was charged with hitting a police motorbike and assaulting a constable, joined the party on March 3, 2019. Both were charged with different offenses. They were released on 4 May. Despite these accusations, Jadeja’s defense is strong.

Ravindra Jadeja (Ravindra Jadeja’s wife), who was born in 1990, was raised by a Hindu family. His father was a private guard and his mother was a nurse. Lata is his mother and a retired teacher. Two sisters raised him, one of which is a nurse. Rivaba Solanki (a BJP activist) was his wife. They are now engaged. Jadeja was vice-president of Union Government.

Ravindra Jadeja’s mother Lata Jadeja and her father Anirudhsinh had two daughters. His mother was a housewife while his father was a guard. They never had children. After his mother’s death in 2005, he made a decision to play cricket again to honor his mother. He scored a century against Pakistan in his U-19 World Cup match. He has been playing in international competitions ever since, scoring over 10,000 runs and becoming one of the youngest Test players.

Ravindra Jadeja was born in Rajputana and started his career as a cricketer at a young age. He took 3 wickets in the U-19 World Cup against Pakistan and was elected vice-captain. In 2009, he played his first ODI against Sri Lanka. He scored an unbeaten run of 60 in 77 balls. After making his international debut, he was chosen for the Indian team.

Ravindra Jadeja wanted to marry his family soon after he joined them. Naina, his sister, repeatedly urged him to marry. He refused to get married, and he was content to be single until his parents found the right person for him. Rivaba Solanki was his best friend and hewed her in December 2015. They are expecting their first baby.

Jadeja was selected to play in the 2015 Cricket World Cup. Jadeja was injured but played well. He took nine wickets and scored 57 runs in six matches. Even though he sustained a shoulder injury in his first international match, he was not allowed to play for another year. The semi-final match saw Australia defeat the Indian team. Jadeja was removed from the team. Virat Kohli was his replacement.

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