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PSG spent about half a million dollars on Neymar’s transfer and salary

by Levi

In August 2017, Neymar became the most expensive player in the history of football – Barcelona received 222 million euros for the transfer of the Brazilian to PSG. But as El Mundo managed to find out, the transfer of Neymar cost PSG much more – taking into account the salary and bonuses, the club spent 489 million euros on the player.

The financial details of Neymar’s contact with PSG have become known. All football fans are closely watching the transfer’s details. The information is useful especially for those who prefer betting on sports and playing online betting games.

The Transfer’s Details

According to the El Mundo, the publishing house has documents that describe in detail the deal of the Parisians as for the 29-year-old Brazilian. The total transfer amount was 489,228,117 euros.

The player became a part of the PSG team in 2017. The Barcelona (the former team of Neymar) received 222 million euros for the player. Neymar signed a five-year contract with the Parisians, which included an annual salary of 43,334,000 euros, excluding taxes. At the same time, the agreement adds a bonus for loyalty — 50,556,117 euros.

It is noted that the current contract of the player valid until 2025 is signed on the same economic terms.

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Interesting Facts About Neymar

  • Last season, Neymar played 18 matches for PSG in Ligue 1, scored 9 goals (5 of them from the penalty spot) and gave 5 assists.
  • Since moving from Barcelona, the Brazilian has never played more than 20 matches in a season in the French championship.
  • Neymar is the only Brazilian football player who managed to get on the cover of TIME magazine. Before him, the only Brazilians on the cover of this magazine were politicians.
  • In 2012, he and Cristiano Ronaldo were portrayed on the cover of the video game Pro Evolution Soccer. Fans of video games can use the services of popular platforms to play the Pro Evolution Soccer game. By selecting a trustworthy and safe sportsbook, is possible to play not only video games but place bets on popular sports events.
  • He is an active Twitter user, at the moment his profile has more than thirty million followers. He has a lot of fans and admirers. Neymar is one of the most promising football players in the world.

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