Pro Tips for Newbies on How to Shoot More Accurately with Your Handgun

Firing a handgun should be a simple affair. All you perhaps need to do is to aim at the target and press the trigger, but as most people who have tried their hands at shooting handguns know, it is hard to be accurate and maintain consistency, even if you don’t have any distractions. Some handy tips for newbies to improve their handgun shooting accuracy:

Get Your Grip Correct

The way you hold the handgun dictates if you can compensate for the recoil and makes up to some extent for a less-than-perfect pull of the trigger. You should hold the handgun high and tight, which means you, should not have any space between your palm and the gun when you grip it. If there is space, you need to appreciate that the gun can move as you fire it and it recoils. You should ensure that you keep the web of your hand as high as you can without obstructing the slide. You must also use your other hand to fill the space available on the grip panel for a proper hold.

Pay Attention to Your Stance 

If you want to shoot with your handgun quickly and accurately, you need to have a stable stance. According to, you will also ensure you can successfully master other critical elements of gun shooting like trigger control, sight alignment, and recoil management by standing properly. While you can learn about traditional copybook gun stances like the Weaver, the Isosceles, and the Chapman, you must remember that there is no one best stance as each has its advantages and disadvantages. Ideally, you should experiment with different stances, and find out which one works for you.

Don’t Ignore the Front Sight

Beginners commonly make the mistake of looking at the targets directly and not using their front sights. The only way to shoot accurately is to align the gun’s front and rear sights. If you get it right, you will find the front sight in clear focus and the rear sight somewhat blurred. Always wait to align the sights accurately before pulling the trigger. Once you develop a bad habit, you will find it difficult to break.

Learn to Anticipate Recoil

Many people shooting with handguns can’t anticipate the recoil well, leading to inaccurate aim. The best way of getting on top of recoil is to practice dry firing i.e. without live ammunition. It will help you to build the necessary muscle memory that will help you master recoil anticipation. If you are anticipating the recoil and flinching, you should pull the trigger as if you were firing it dry and see your aim improving.


According to the Bellevue Gun Club, practicing is the only way you can perfect your aim. Because you can blow up a lot of money using live ammunition, dry practicing is far better because you can do it anywhere without spending a dime. If you practice dry firing diligently and consistently, you will see a marked improvement in your shooting accuracy. Remember to make gun safety your number one priority at all times.