Poker-inspired songs that you will like

If you like card games, you’ve probably played music while playing or practicing your moves on more than one occasion. If you’re looking for a little more inspiration, here’s a series of poker-inspired songs you’re sure to enjoy.

“The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers

This is a country song about a seasoned traveler who gives advice on how to survive on the road and how to play this popular game of chance. In the song, the “gambler” shares his wisdom about life, including how to recognize a good game and when to fold. The lyrics imply that life is a game of chance and that it is important to know the rules in order to succeed.

Don Schlitz, the song’s creator, recorded and released the first version of the song in 1978, but its success was moderate. Producer Larry Butler liked the song and suggested to Johnny Cash and Kenny Rogers that they each release their own version. They both did, but it was Kenny Rogers’ version that reached the market first and is known worldwide.

Motörhead’s “Ace of spades”.

It is a song about the card game of poker and the challenge of winning, reflecting the mentality of risking it all and not being afraid to lose. The lyrics speak of gambling addiction and the obsession with winning, and have also been interpreted as a metaphor for life in general. This song became one of heavy metal’s most iconic anthems and is widely regarded as one of Motörhead’s best songs.

It was released on October 27, 1980, as a preview of the album that would bear the same name and was released shortly thereafter. It is considered one of the 100 best hard rock songs and is among the 40 most outstanding metal songs. In addition, the NME included it among the 500 best songs in history. For Lemmy Kilmister, vocalist of the band, this is one of the best songs he has ever written.

“The Joker” by Steve Miller Band

It was released in 1973 as a single and was included in their album of the same year, “The Joker”. The song is a mix of rock and blues, and its lyrics talk about a man who presents himself as a clown or “joker” in life, and his philosophy of a relaxed and carefree life. The song was very popular and has been considered one of the Steve Miller Band’s best.

In early 1974 it was at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and the funny thing is that in September 2016 it was back in full force and topping the charts for four weeks thanks to a Levi’s commercial that used this song as the soundtrack.

“Deal” by Grateful Dead

The lyrics talk about the idea that in life you have to make decisions, and that it is important to take into account the consequences of those actions you are going to take, just as it happens when you play poker.

This song is known for its catchy melody and reflective lyrics. Grateful Dead was a group created in 1965 that fused rock, country, jazz, folk, blues and bluegrass, and was well known for the improvisations they performed in their concerts. The song we are talking about is on their album Dead Set, which was the ninth of their career, released in 1981.

“Poker Face” by Lady Gaga

The lyrics of the song are about a woman who is trying to hide her true love feelings while playing poker. The expression “poker face” refers to a poker player’s ability to maintain an impassive expression while playing, so as not to reveal her cards or her emotions. As I’m sure you already know if you are a regular on

The song, featured on his debut album “The Fame” was a commercial success and popular worldwide. Released as the second single, it made the singer reach the top of the charts in more than 20 countries. In fact, this track is the most downloaded track in the history of the British charts.

“52 Cards” by Tracy Chapman

This is a song included in the album “Where You Live”, released in 2005. The lyrics of the song talk about a broken relationship, it describes how life can be compared to a card game, where the cards you receive can be good or bad and how you have to learn to play with them. Overall, the song seems to be about the idea of accepting life’s situations, both good and bad, and learning to play with them.

This is one more of those songs that manage to make a good number of metaphors comparing the game of poker with the decisions we have to face in life and how our actions influence our fate.

These are just some of the songs inspired by poker, but there are more like “Poker” by Babyface, “All in” by Lifehouse or “The House of the Rising Sun” popularized by The Animals. If you want to continue discovering curiosities about this card game, be sure to visit FrasesListas to know phrases about poker and life.

“Badge” by Cream

It is a song by the British rock band Cream, released on the 1969 album “Goodbye”. The song was written by Eric Clapton and George Harrison, and is about love and the relationship between two people. The lyrics talk about a kind of badge or code of the relationship, as if it were a kind of “badge” that shows their love. This song is known for its blues-rock style and Eric Clapton’s lead guitar.

Cream was founded in London in 1966 and was only active for a couple of years, but is considered one of the first successful supergroups, having sold more than 15 million copies of their four albums. This group has influenced many subsequent artists and groups, and Rolling Stone magazine has it considered one of the top 100 artists of all time.