Please, One More Time to buy a star!

It’s hard to go somewhere without hearing about NASA, but few people know what they do, despite the fact that most people’s understanding of their profession is hazy since it is in fact related to rocket science, they nevertheless feel the need to ask for the seemingly unattainable.

A short narrative can address the most common issue you have:

You won’t get a star at NASA, so don’t even try!

Yes, it may appear harsh but to calm down, please read the rest of the article, as it will provide you with information about NASA and who can offer you to acquire a star.

With the help of NASA, explore the cosmos!

The first institution that comes to mind while contemplating space and the cosmos, in general, is NASA, in a nutshell, they do not sell stars and the stars are not theirs, to begin with.

How come NASA doesn’t let you purchase a star in honor of someone else?

Space exploration and technical research are their primary missions, an autonomous American space agency that was established in 1961, these people are the ones who discover new things about the cosmos and share their findings with the rest of us. For them, science is the driving force behind everything they do, rather than the desire to create unique gifts.

A star can be Purchased in an International Gift Shop

However, certain services, smart and obstinate enough, allow individuals to earn a personalized star or acquire one for a special someone from

We’re selling our stars! How do you explain it?

It’s up to you to give the star a name of your choice when you buy a star, and that name is entered into an exclusive database and the following documents are provided to you as evidence of your participation in this program:

  • Star Certificate – location and ID number of your star
  • This is a visual representation of your star’s physical location in the night sky.
  • Regardless of where you’re in the globe, there are numerous stars waiting to be discovered.

You begin to question if this is all real, and if they will identify your star at this point, unfortunately, they are too busy photographing the black hole to give a second thought to your registration.

What about the IAU?

It is the International Astronomical Union that comes to a consensus on the nomenclature of celestial bodies, although Betelgeuse and Sirius are given names, the vast majority of stars have been given parameters and a catalogue number, as a result, there is no room for imagination or feeling in the IAU’s work, and nobody can persuade it otherwise.


If you want to buy heavenly gifts from NASA or IAU, they won’t help you. It’s possible to find a private service that will help you spread happiness and sell you a shining star, however.

An online gift business that allows you tobuy a star from everywhere in the world, astronomy experts and amateurs alike are continually monitoring web databases that are not authorized by NASA or the International Astronomical Union IAU.