Phone Cleaner and Booster

While using our smartphones almost twenty-four hours a day, we sometimes forget that they are also quite vulnerable to the wear and tear that all machines go through. On a daily basis information and data keep flowing in and out of our phones, sometimes leading to junk being retained, sometimes hidden deep within the internal memory of our devices. The battery that powers our devices should also be maintained at an optimum temperature to make sure that it has a long and productive life, and doesn’t overheat and die an untimely death, due to being overworked.

The competition for Android Cleaners is high. Therefore, you will see hundreds of junk cleaners on Play Store. Some of the popular and trending phone cleaners are Clean Master apk, Nox Cleaner, CCleaner, Phone Master, etc.

What is Phone Cleaner and Booster?

In order to put our minds at ease about the health of our phones, we have been gifted with this amazing app. It comes with a great interface in two soothing colors of white and pastel green. There are three main pages: Home, Tools and Manager. In the Home page you will see the following features:

  • Junk Cleaner: scans the device for any unnecessary files and deletes them releasing much needed space for other files.
  • Fool Boost: releases space from RAM and speeds up the performance of apps.
  • Start Repair: performs repair of the system, boot and file system.
  • Device info: lists out the basic information of your device including storage, RAM, Screen size, Android version, Brand, Position, Touch status, Manufacturer.
  • Device Testing: allows you to test specific functions of your device like the network speed and connectivity, Microphone, RGB screen testing, Speaker, black screen test, Touch Screen test and Haptic feedback.
  • App Manager: lists out all the apps in your device into two sections; one for system apps, and the other for installed apps, and gives you the option to uninstall any app you despise.
  • Battery Saver: helps you optimize the battery of your device and optimize its function.
  • Permission Manager: shows you all the apps along with the number of permissions each of them requires from you to keep functioning. Once you click on each of the apps, you will be shown a list of permissions in detail that each app needs to run.
  • In the tools page you are provided with six tools:
  • Backup Share
  • CPU Cooler
  • Device Testing
  • Widgets
  • Device info
  • Battery

In the final page, which is called the Manager page, you get five pie charts each representing a different key component of your device: Storage, RAM, Battery Level, Battery Temperature and WIFI strength, so that you can manage each of these components according to the specific parameters.

Download Phone Cleaner and Booster apk

First download and install latest version of AC Market apk. Open installed AC Market app and go to search. Then type Phone Cleaner. You will see this application appear on search result while typing. Select it and click on free download button. Your download will start after playing a video ad.

You can install this application on Windows computers. If you are unable to download this application via Amazon app store use AC Market Windows 11 app. AC Market has more applications than Amazon App Store for free.