PG Diploma in Human Resources.

“PG Diploma in Human Resources” is a 2-year professional course designed for working adults with limited time on their hands. It imparts a comprehensive understanding of the human resource functions of an organization and the development, application, and management of people policies. The PG Diploma in Human Resources shall equip students with the necessary knowledge to operate as change agents within organizations. Graduates will have a broad knowledge base and skill set to handle various aspects of human resources function both academically and professionally.

This course is unique in that it progresses from an academic to a practical approach – each academic year includes modules from both perspectives, which provides students with the necessary grounding for application. In addition, the course content is designed to create a bridge between academic and professional concepts. Therefore, students are encouraged to learn by applying their skills as early as possible throughout the course.

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Why is it important to take the PG Diploma in Human Resources?

The course is a rich blend of both theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of human resources. This course allows students to immediately apply their skills gained in the classroom to professional situations, which will help develop their careers.

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Each module has a clearly defined objective and assessment criteria, which students must achieve. Each module is assessed through presentations, a written paper, and two types of assignments – face-to-face oral presentation and written test questions. The course also provides students with practical work experience both in the classroom and outside at local businesses.

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“Course Structure and Modules”

All modules are divided into three key areas. Each module covers a specific concept or area of knowledge focused on developing, managing, and applying human resources. You may also take benefits of online courses for PG Diploma in Human is some modules of courses.

  • Module 1 – Development of Human Resource Management Processes: Takes place at the end of the first academic year and includes conceptual learning in fundamental concepts of HRM 
  • Module 2 – Application of Human Resource Management Concepts: Takes place at the end of the second academic year and reviews practical skills in terms of application in different contexts.
  • Module 3 – Management and Leadership: This takes place in the third academic year and aims to provide a depth of theoretical knowledge on human resource management related to management and leadership, embodying all three key areas of the module.
  • Module 4 – Global Human Resources Management: This takes place in the third academic year and aims to provide a depth of theoretical knowledge on global human resource management and cross-cultural communication, embodying all three key areas of the module.
  • Module 5 – Research Project: Students must conduct independent research into a specific aspect of human resource management, applying their knowledge and skills from different modules. This module takes place at the end of the second academic year. 

“Course Duration, Examinations and Assessment”

The course is designed to be delivered over two academic years, with exams taken at the end of each year. Each module is worth 10 credits and is evaluated using face-to-face oral presentations, written papers, and a written test. The final exam consists of three papers: Human Resources Management, Organizational Development, Change Management, and Recruitment & Selection. It is worth 30% of the total course mark.

The course assessment is marked by the Course Director and one or two external examiners appointed by the School. The School’s policy is to appoint examiners recognized as authorities in their respective fields. The assessment criteria for all assignments are specified before submitting each assignment.

How can I do PG Diploma in Human Resources online?

“Online” means an interactive distance learning course and not “online” as on the Internet. You can read and print as much as you want in the course material provided or selling courses this site. You do not need to buy any course materials or equipment. PG Diploma in Human Resources is designed for working adults to study independently and at their own pace. Many students have found “Online” courses convenient because they work part-time, have busy families, or otherwise cannot find the time to fit a full academic course into their schedule.

Online students are provided with a virtual environment in which to interact with their peers and other course participants from across the world. If you are an online learner, you are automatically part of this global learning community and can participate in discussions, post articles, chat and make friends. 

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