PDF – What Exactly Is It & What Can You Do With Them?

What Is A PDF?

PDF or Portable Document Format was created by Adobe in the 1990s. The main goal behind the creation of this format was to view and have access to files following a standard form of representation that was independent of any hardware, software, or operating system. PDF files can include texts, images, rich media, and others. Most of the time, old documents or documents from the source are converted to PDFs rather than making a PDF from scratch. Below find what are the benefits behind going for PDF converters and PDFs and what they can do for you. 

It Is A Secure Form Of Representing Your Document 

A lot of businesses and corporations have moved towards PDF converters because one could compress pdf 500kb using PDFsimpli and because it can be password protected. No matter how big your file is, you can compress it, convert it into a PDF and share it with a password. If you wish to secure your sensitive data from hackers, give it a password using the best pdf compressor online ensuring only designated individuals would be able to access it.

The Format Is Easy 

No matter with whom you share the file or where you send it; when you share it as a PDF, the format would remain the same everywhere. PDFs are easy to view, and the contents will remain intact no matter where they are viewed from. The same cannot be said about Word files where content could blur or become disorganized when viewed from a different version or an incompatible device. 

It Is Multi-Dimensional

PDFs help you integrate different content in your file including, graphics, images, videos, 3D models, and others without ruining the original format of the document. With a PDF, you never have to rely on different tools and software to complete different tasks but can do it in an integrated manner like making reports, portfolios, and others.

It Is Convenient And Compact

PDF format is very easy to view and share. Another big advantage of a PDF converter would be how you could compress files and share and receive information without compromising on content and quality of the image. PDFs are compact; hence, take minimum space in your hard drive, unlike other file formats.

These are some of the reasons which make PDFs the best standard representation of files and data. Not just businesses, but even individuals can reap benefits from it. 

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