Online casinos: Different types of rewards given to High Roller Players

Online casinos and their rewards programs are in a world of change. The most recent evolution in the industry has been to offer high roller players different types of rewards, such as free casino credits.

Eight different types of rewards to High Roller Players

1. Cash back

Offering players cash back rewards can be one of the most beneficial types of online casino offers. Players are always looking for ways to save money, which is what this reward does. Cash backs will vary depending on how many “points” a player accumulates during their time at an online casino site. A typical formula would see players receive X% in cashback based upon the total amount wagered, with lower percentage rates being given out for high roller gamblers and higher numbers going towards regular-sized wagers.

2. Matching bonuses

Another type of rewards program is to offer a matching bonus for all deposits made. This can be done as a percentage or as an amount. Still, the most common way (most profitable) seems to be by offering it in an equal manner where each deposit gets exactly X% added onto their total funds deposited.

3. Loyalty bonuses

This type of reward is a little less common than others, but they are still essential. This rewards program offers players extra cash or credits for playing games at an online casino site. These types of programs usually apply to high roller gamblers and those who play the most often and will give out higher percentages compared to other tiers to keep these customers coming back regularly.

4. Free spins

Free spin rewards are prevalent and work much in the same way as a loyalty bonus does. The main difference is that this reward offers players free credits to use on specific games, rather than just giving out cash or prizes for playing particular games.

5. VIP rewards

This type of reward is given to players who are considered VIPs or high rollers. This includes members who have accumulated enough points over time by playing at the online casino and can either be in the form of cash, credits, comps (complimentary items), or other types of perks. The vip casino rewards programs usually consider what games a player plays (online slots, Blackjack, roulette etc.), the amounts they wager, and the length of time playing at an online casino to determine how much each customer will receive.

6. Free casino credits

The newest type of reward to be offered by online casinos is free casino credits. This rewards program gives players a chance to play with money that would otherwise have been used as deposits on their accounts without having to deposit anything into the site at all. Most places will give out these offers as welcome bonuses or through email campaigns and other promotions to attract new customers who may not know about them yet.

7. VIP programs

Another way to reward high rollers has been the VIP program. This is where players are rewarded with comps or other perks for being loyal customers, which often include invitations to exclusive events and even free airfare (airline miles). These rewards can be given in many different ways like cashback bonuses, higher betting limits on specific games, access to tournaments that regular members do not have access to, etc.

8. Free cash bonuses

Another type of reward offered to high roller players at many different online casinos is free money in the form of a signup bonus. These are typically given out as welcome bonuses when they make their first deposit. Still, sometimes they will be part of another promotion or campaign where players have to meet specific requirements to receive them.


Online casinos use many different rewards programs to keep high rollers happy and come back for more. These include matching bonuses, loyalty bonuses, free spin rewards, comps or perks offered to VIP players, etc.

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