Netflix login | Netflix movies | Netflix party – Three Must-See Recommended Netflix Movies in the First Half of 2021

Affected by the new coronavirus epidemic, not only has the time spent at home increased, but the demand for film and television viewing has increased. As the leading streaming media, Netflix has also benefited. As of last year, the global subscribers exceeded the 200 million mark. It even announced that it would invest more resources to shoot original works and said that one or two original albums or movies would be released every week.

However, in the face of an ever-increasing number of film productions with a wide variety of types, how do you filter out the films that suit your preferences from the vast sea of ​​films? In this article, you will learn about some of the best movies on Netflix.

1. Mystery House Code: 

The thriller “The Mystery House Secret Words” starring Amanda Severy is adapted from the novel of Elizabeth Brundage; the plot depicts a couple who moved from Manhattan to the Hudson Valley with historical characteristics. In the small village, it was discovered that the marriage of the two and the history of this new home contained the same evil dark secrets.

2. Spy:

The type of psychological thriller is not to get tired of it. The story of “Snooping” tells that Anna Fox (Amy Adams) likes to spy on the outside through the window. It is safe and comfortable, and everything is not her business. Until the Russell family moved across the street, she witnessed the unimaginable scene with her own eyes. What the hell… what happened? Wandering between fantasy and reality, would you dare to tell the truth if you saw a fierce picture.

3. Mijia vs. Robot:

“Mijia vs. Robots” is the most sincere cartoon this year. The story tells this weird family who has some problems getting along while driving but encounters considerable turmoil caused by robots! They suddenly became the last hope of humanity. This road trip will turn upside down in this unexpected situation, and the hilarious and joyful plot will not be missed.

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