Nba 2k24: Players Share Suggestions And Hopes For The Next Installment

The NBA 2K series has captivated basketball fans around the world for years, delivering immersive gaming experiences. As the anticipation for NBA 2K24 grows, players are already voicing their opinions on how the game can be improved. In this article, NBA2King delve into a Twitter thread where players share their thoughts and suggestions for making NBA 2K24 even better. From gameplay tweaks to online features, let’s explore the ideas that have sparked both excitement and laughter within the community.

Expensive Clothes and Attribute Costs? Not So Fast:

One player suggests that NBA 2K24 should feature a larger neighborhood and more expensive clothes and attribute costs. However, this suggestion is met with a humorous response, calling out the absurdity of squeezing players for every penny. The article highlights the increasing costs in each iteration, from the game itself to virtual currency, and questions the need for such inflation.

The Desire for a Ranked Pro-Am Mode:

Another player voices their desire for a ranked ladder in the Pro-Am game mode. They express the excitement of being part of a team and the competitive nature that a ranked ladder would bring. While the hope for this feature is acknowledged, the article emphasizes that it alone cannot save the game but would certainly help bring the community together.

Cross-Gen or Cross-Play: A Game-Changing Feature?

A user mentions the possibility of cross-gen or cross-platform play, generating intrigue within the community. The article highlights the excitement surrounding this idea and encourages readers to engage with LD2K, a well-known developer associated with NBA 2K TV, who has hinted at knowing something that the community doesn’t. The potential benefits of cross-gen or cross-platform play are discussed, including increased player engagement and a more unified player base.

Controversial Suggestions and Gameplay Balance:

The article continues to analyze various suggestions made by players. It touches on controversial ideas such as removing badge limitations, simplifying dribbling, and altering shooting mechanics. These suggestions are met with counterarguments, emphasizing the importance of maintaining balance and avoiding exploits that have occurred in previous iterations. The need for consistent jump shot releases and improved paint defense is also highlighted.

Community Engagement and Rewards:

Players express their desire for better rewards, lowered VC prices, and improved community engagement. They suggest ideas such as increasing rewards in MyTeam(more NBA 2K24 MT & Free players card), introducing an 18-and-older Rec mode, and preventing AFK (Away From Keyboard) players. These suggestions resonate with the community, as they address key areas that can enhance the overall gaming experience.


As the NBA 2K24 release approaches, players eagerly voice their opinions and hopes for the upcoming installment. This article highlights a range of suggestions, from gameplay improvements to community engagement, capturing the diverse perspectives within the NBA 2K community. While some suggestions garner support, others are met with skepticism, emphasizing the importance of striking a balance in order to create an enjoyable and fair gaming experience for all. With the development team taking player feedback into consideration, NBA 2K24 has the potential to be a game that truly resonates with basketball enthusiasts worldwide.

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