Must have marketing tools for lead generation  

If you are seeking an ideal way to grow your email list, b2b lead generation more leads, make more money with your business faster than ever, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will discuss the marketing tools businesses must have to kick-start your email list building activity.

Before you look for any tools, define your business goals. With a clear objective, you know what you need and hence you will know what to look for in the tools. – Ideal to find an email address 

When you know who your potential audiences are, you can run an email marketing campaign to persuade the prospective clients.

Email lookup tools such as locates the correct email format by processing information such as first name, last name, and company domain of a person.

Apart from the desktop application, the tool is available as an extension to find email address from LinkedIn and Gmail application.

Besides collecting email addresses from your business site, social media platforms, such email lookup tools can be used to find an email address.

Autoresponder or email service provider 

Autoresponder is essential for running a successful email marketing campaign. While there are many email service providers, you need to pick the one that has the essential features in it.

For instance, the tool must be able to collect the data of your subscribers, giving you insights into your campaign performance.

You can then leverage this information to make more money with your business.

Besides this it should give the feasibility of sending personalized emails to different segments or people at various stages of the sales funnel automatically, provide you HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and develop opt-in forms.

Apart from these features, based on your business goal, you may need other features too. And only when you know why you need the tool for, will you be able to choose the right one for your business.

ConvertKit or MailerLite 

You need a lead capture page, to collect the contact information in order to follow up with them. MailerLite or ConvertKit are recommended for this.

If you already have an established business and are looking for a tool to automate email sending, you can choose MailerLite.

On the other hand, if you do not have a website, then you may choose ConvertKit.


Have you heard of lead magnets? These are the free resources you give to your website visitors in exchange for their contact information.

Canva is a must have tool to spruce up your lead magnet.

This tool has lot of designs using which you can create valuable documents that are good looking.

Concluding thoughts 

With the tools discussed in this article, you can be able to grow your email list from scratch, boost sales and get massive revenue.

If you have a great vision for your business, then these tools are essential to have.

Also remember that no matter which of these tool you use, there is going to be a better tool with advanced feature in the future.

You just must be aware of the trend and be equipped with what is working well for you at any given period.

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