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The current innovation in information technology has prompted the rise of high-quality conversion tools. To convert MP4 to MP3, you can either download a video converter or use the online converter tools.

While current smartphones and desktop computers can support a wide range of high-quality audio files, MP3 remains one of the most popular audio formats among typical users.

People prefer online file format converters. They enable customers to convert video format to audio format online without installing any additional software on their PC. The following is a list of the best online tools for converting a file.

If you prefer to listen to audio music rather than seeing it, the MP4 to MP3 online converter software is a perfect tool to convert your favorite video songs to an MP3 format.

Evano Online Converter

Evano is, without a doubt, the best and most popular online converter tool.  It may be used for a variety of purposes. Its unique features and dependability place it among the most excellent conversion tools. This program is used by those who have video editing capabilities to get files in the audio format they desire. They won’t have to launch a separate app to update their choices after downloading it this way.

How to Use Evano Online File Converter

  • From the browser, navigate to the Evano file converter site.
  • After the page has loaded, click on ‘Select file’ to select the record you wish to update.
  • After you load the document, you will display an option to select your desired output signal format.
  • Finally, click Convert to get the audio format.


  • Ability to convert multiple files into different formats
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Equipped with features for quick response and conversion time.
  • You can download, convert and edit the videos


  • Internet connection is needed to use the Evanno online converter.
  • To use the full feature of Evano, you need to subscribe to the premium package.

Zamzar Online Converter

Zamzar is a free online mp4 converter.  It is capable of converting between different video formats, images, audio files, and CAD formats. Zamzar provides high-quality conversion, and the process is accomplished in only four steps, none of which require any download. With Zamzar, you can also benefit from TXT to MP3 conversion as well as text-to-speech service. Many people like the fact that it supports larger file sizes, among other things.


  • It is a free online conversion tool.


  • Some users have complained about the slow conversion time.

Ontiva File Converter

Ontiva is a viable option for an all-in-one youtube video converter. It is a highly effective video to audio conversion tool that retains the quality of the source. There are several output possibilities available, and the program is entirely free.  A striking feature of the Octiva online tool is that it employs a cutting-edge to reduce conversion time for bulky mp4 files. Conversion happens with breakneck speed, so you won’t have to wait even a second. It is an online youtube converter that works really fast. It’s a secure option because the conversions are anonymous, and there’s no need to install any additional software on the computer.


  • Downloads are limitless.
  • It is entirely free to use.
  • The online website tool is stylish and straightforward to use.
  • Capability to download MP3 and MP4 files and additional media formats such as WAV, FLAC, MOV, MKV, and AVI.


  • The online file converter tool only works for Youtube video clips.

This website is without a doubt a contender in my list of the top YouTube to MP3 converter tools. You are guaranteed simple access to all of its functions thanks to its clean UI.

The online conversion software allows users to experiment with the output format and volume control to ensure that the final file quality is to your taste. You can even choose another format to convert into after converting to MP3, which is ideal for use with YouTube.


  • You can convert YouTube videos to MP3 with a single click and subsequently convert them to another format.
  • Simple search function
  • All functions are available on a single site.
  • The user interface is sleek and provides a pleasant experience.


  • It supports only a one-way conversion tool. This means it only works for Mp4 to Mp3 and not the other way around

The Advantages of Using MP4 Online Converter Computer Software

 Technical Ease

One significant advantage of using online converter tools is that you do not need technical know-how to use the online software. Some offline converter tools might be somewhat challenging for users.   As a result, it might be unpleasant to convert files. This issue is made more accessible and more straightforward by the usage of online conversion apps.

Access to a Wide Variety of Features

Along with the ability to improve file formats online, there are additional features accessible. You may change the parameters for the document you wish to alter and do whatever you want. This implies that you may integrate elements such as online video effects, audio effects, and so on. With all of these solid features in one spot, you have more options when selecting how your files will look.

Conversion Speed

The speed is one of the distinguishing features of MP4 converter online software. The quickness at which you may exchange files with them is also astounding. Using online converters allows you to swiftly and easily convert files from one format to another. One of the most remarkable internet technologies that still exists is the ability to change file types quickly. Even better, the rate of most of those converters is both consistent and dependable.

Cost Value

Using online converters to change your mp4 files is an excellent method to save money. Instead of needing to pay large sums of money, you might use an online converter.  It’s no secret that in this day and age, people like to consume high-quality material. However, converting digital material to different formats is frequently a pain when you need to utilize specific tools, especially those paid for. Online converter programs are provided in this section to shake up the situation. You may submit the file to the internet and convert it to youtube, mp4, mp3, or any other format you like.


Online file conversion software is a great tool to have. It is essential to choose one with the ability to convert and enhance quality output. However, it is useless if you choose a converter and cannot convert due to the file size. Nonetheless, there are converters to convert from MP4 to MP3. When selecting converters, keep in mind the conversion speed, accessible formats, and even the security of your website. You may obtain the converter that you require by keeping the correct problems in mind.

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