Maximizing Your Earnings As BP77 Casino Affiliate Malaysia

It seems like yesterday when online casino had their huge hype worldwide. The truth is that internet gambling has been popular for over two decades now. In the past ten years, smart devices have further fueled their widespread use and accessibility. But we can’t attribute this success solely to technology. The ever-growing popularity of online gambling platforms owes a great deal to marketing. And when it comes to making these businesses more popular, there’s no better way than good old-fashioned people’s recommendations. That’s precisely what we’ll discuss today—the power of an affiliate program, and how you can make money from it.

What’s a Casino Affiliate Program

We know that not everyone is a marketing whiz, so let’s start with a quick introduction to the affiliate program. In simple terms, a casino affiliate acts as a middleman between casinos and players, creating a mutually beneficial partnership. As an affiliate, you’ll receive a unique tracking link, and you’ll earn rewards (usually in the form of commissions) when new ‘players’ sign up and/or play at an online casino using your link (spoiler alert: BP77 pays out in both situations). The best part is that your earnings from this program continue for as long as your referrals stay and play at the casino.

Three Reasons Why BP77 Casino Affiliate Program Is the Best

If we’ve got you hooked on making money from a casino affiliate program, then let us show you where to begin. It’s crucial to choose a respected casino operator with a flexible and user-friendly affiliate system. Look for a platform that offers effective tools right within their casino site to maximise your affiliate marketing efforts and achieve the best possible results.

Choosing the right platform is important, and there’s no doubt that BP77 deserves your consideration. BP77 casino provides comprehensive features and reliable customer support, ensuring you have everything you need to succeed. Allow us to give you a few compelling reasons why you should become our partner.

Best Revenue Share Model and Excellent Affiliate System

In choosing a platform with an affiliate program, the first thing you need to consider, clearly, is how your share of revenue is generated. BP77 Casino has you covered. You can earn up to an incredible 40% revenue share of the losses incurred by the players you refer after they sign up.

Now, we don’t want to boast, but our site offers the best deals out there. Other Asian gambling sites with affiliate programs typically provide an average revenue share of 20% to 30%. With the BP77 casino affiliate program, you get the cream of the crop. And what’s more, our platform has the most fantastic features that provide great convenience for our dedicated publishers. You can easily track your players’ activities and receive automatic payouts with zero risk involved.

Our program is like a perpetual gold mine where you can enjoy lifetime recurring income from referrals with the flexibility you need. Plus, you can consult our affiliate program manager to develop marketing strategies and boost revenue. Just be prepared to strike gold with us.

A Diverse Selection of Games

Now, you might be wondering what this has to do with promoting the BP77 casino affiliate program. Let us paint you a picture. Without exciting game options for potential customers to explore, new players are unlikely to create accounts, which means your income as an affiliate could take a hit.

At BP77 Casino, you’ll find a fantastic variety of games. We offer a stable selection of game types that are continuously updated to keep things fresh. Our members will never run out of gaming options, as we have multiple versions of live games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker, Sic Bo, and so much more. Not to mention our captivating collection of slots and fishing games. And if our players aren’t into traditional casino games, we also offer esports betting and sports betting to keep them entertained.

To top it all off, all our gambling options come from renowned casino providers and software developers. The list of our trusted partners is extensive, but let’s just say we’ve got the finest in the business. So, when it comes to a range of games, you can count on us to deliver an unbeatable experience.

Licenced operator

Again, when choosing a platform with an affiliate program, here’s a big red flag: a casino operator without a proper licence. You need to be cautious when considering a partnership with these platforms, as they could very well be scammers. A licence is a clear indicator that the operator is legit and plays by the rules (make sure to check the type of licence they hold).

As we mentioned a few lines back, becoming our affiliate involves zero risk. We have numerous affiliates who have been working with us for years, making real money through the BP77 casino affiliate program. Our platform is also licensed and regulated by The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), and operating under the licences for Offshore Gaming, Electronic Gaming, and Poker.

Tips for Making Money with the BP77 Casino Affiliate Program

Craft Your Own Personalised Recommendations

Before you start identifying target gamblers or reaching out to anyone, let’s first think about personalised recommendations. This is where you get to express your thoughts and feelings about the brand in your own genuine and thoughtful words. Let’s be honest here, most marketing efforts today fail terribly because their ads are unconvincing. People crave something real and authentic, something that comes from an actual user. So, it’s essential for you to find a way to convey the advantages of BP77 Casino based on your own experiences (and from your own research).

Start with a Small Circle

When you first embark on your journey as a BP77 Casino publisher, it’s smart to start with a small circle of potential patrons. This way, you can fine-tune your marketing strategies and build solid relationships with just a few individuals, which should last for a long time.

Now, start by approaching people who dig gambling (or those interested in making money) in your circle. It could be your friends, family members, followers or someone from the online communities you’re a part of. Then, effectively and actively share BP77 Casino perks and attract potential players with your personalised recommendations. Through this, you will learn from your initial experiences, and gradually expand your reach as you gain confidence and expertise in promoting our brand. Remember, even a small circle can pave the way for big success in the world of affiliate marketing.

Grow Your Network

If you’ve already started bringing in players from a small circle, the next move is to broaden your network. Now, don’t get intimidated by how formal this sounds. Let us assure you, this approach is totally doable.

To attract new players, make sure to share information related to our BP77 casino affiliate program on iGaming-focused media platforms. Also, consider attending casino events and conferences that can be found throughout the year. These events are great opportunities to stay updated on the latest information and trends while also, eventually and hopefully, expanding your network.


Casino affiliate programs, like the one offered by BP77 Casino, offer a fantastic opportunity to leverage your marketing skills and generate income online. With our awesome program, you can rake in a juicy commission based on BP77 company’s revenue and the number of active members you bring in each month. And guess what? Joining the BP77 Affiliate program won’t cost you a dime. It’s totally free and super easy to sign up. Just follow a few simple steps, and you’ll be on your way to earning some serious cash. Join us today and start making those sweet affiliate earnings with BP77!

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