Madden 24: New Gameplay Animations Revealed

Madden 24 is just around the corner, and fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the latest installment in the popular football video game franchise. In this article, MMOexp will explore some of the new gameplay animations that have been showcased by EA Sports, giving us a glimpse into what we can expect from the game. With the Madden 24 beta approaching in two weeks, excitement is building, and fans are eager for more information about the upcoming game.

Hurdle Animations

One of the new animations showcased in Madden 24 is a hurdle animation, featuring a runner leaping over a defender attempting to take out their legs. Hurdling is a common occurrence in the NFL, and while previous Madden games had limited hurdle animations, Madden 24 aims to introduce more realistic and varied animations for this gameplay element.

Mid-air Collisions and Tackles

Building upon the success of last year’s game, Madden 24 continues to expand on mid-air collisions and tackles. In one animation, a receiver attempts to catch a pass that is just out of reach but is met with an undercut and hit in mid-air by a defender. These types of collisions and tackles add a level of realism to the game, mimicking situations that often occur in professional football.

Expanding Animation Variety

EA Sports recognizes the importance of a wide variety of animations in creating a more realistic gameplay experience. By adding more animations to the game, Madden 24 aims to enhance the authenticity of player interactions and outcomes. The challenge lies in finding the right balance, as too many repetitive animations can detract from the overall immersion. However, by continually expanding the animation library, Madden 24 hopes to deliver a more lifelike and engaging gameplay experience.

Hit Stick Animations

Madden 24 introduces new hit stick animations, which have been a popular addition in recent years. Players enjoy the visceral experience of delivering big hits, and the game continues to cater to this desire. These animations emphasize the impact of hard-hitting tackles, adding an extra layer of intensity and excitement to the gameplay.

Breaking Tackles and After-Catch Actions

Madden 24 showcases various animations related to breaking tackles, spinning out of tackles, and juking defenders after catching the ball. Some players may find these animations frustrating, as they can lead to missed tackles or seemingly unrealistic outcomes. However, these occurrences are a reflection of real-life football, where missed tackles and broken plays happen regularly. The challenge for EA Sports is to strike the right balance between realism and player control, ensuring that animations do not feel forced or overly frequent.

Celebrations and Team Animations

Madden 24 also introduces new celebration animations, such as the popular “gritty” dance, which gained traction in the NFL last year. While some may argue that celebrations are less important in a football video game, EA Sports recognizes their significance in capturing the spirit of the sport. The addition of new celebrations and team animations helps keep the game fresh and enhances the overall presentation.


With Madden 24 on the horizon, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the new gameplay animations showcased by EA Sports. By introducing a range of animations, including hurdling, mid-air collisions, breaking tackles, and celebrations, Madden 24 aims to deliver a more immersive and realistic football experience. As the release date approaches, fans are eagerly awaiting more information about Madden 24, and EA Sports is poised to provide exciting updates about the game. 

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