Luvme Hair T Part Wig- The Newest Addition To Wig Styles

While you may be aware of U-part wigs, T part wigs are the latest trend to hit the markets. The style has gained quite a lot of popularity because it is easy to install and carry and is lighter on the pocket. This article will discuss everything there is to know about a T part wig and how you can flaunt it for natural-looking hair.

What is a T part wig?

A T part wig is similar to a lace wig but here the lace is in the shape of an inverted T. It was initially developed to a scarcity of lace but its affordability and style quickly made it a ‘new thing’ in the wig world. The wig has a 13 x 15 lace in the front as its main feature, and it can be worn with middle-parting or side-parting.

The lace section of a T part wig measures 13 inches from ear to ear, just like a frontal lace wig. The downside to this style is that you cannot enjoy free parting, so you have to stick to the parting designed into the wig.

The pros of wearing a T part wig

What spurred as a result of scarcity quickly became a favorite among women. The reason for this is the convenience and affordability of the T part wig. Here are a few factors that contribute to its popularity.

It costs less than full lace wigs

Full lace wigs look beautiful because they are highly versatile and natural-looking. However, they are expensive, so you can only buy one at a time. T part wigs are not as adaptable as full lace wigs, but they offer a very natural look, similar to what you can achieve with the latter. Since there is less lace used in the design, the price is lesser than that of lace wigs. Another reason for its affordable price is that the main section of T part wigs is machine-made, whereas lace wigs are hand-sewn.

It is easy to install and beginner-friendly

T part wigs are bleached, styled, and pre-plucked so that you can wear them right out of the box. As they are easy to install and maintain, even beginners can flaunt the style without any worries. Simply cut off the excess lace edge and comb the wig naturally.

It looks very natural

Many women prefer lace wigs because they look natural and effortless. Since T part wigs also have a prominent lace feature, they help you achieve natural-looking hair without much effort. Also, if you buy a human hair T part wig from a reputed brand like Luvme Hair, you don’t have to worry about synthetic hair’s unnatural look and feel.

You can style the wig just like you do your own hair, whether you want to wash or color them.

The cons of wearing a T part wig

The T part wig is an excellent choice, but it is not perfect. Here are two downsides to wearing this style.

It is less breathable

Regular lace wigs are handmade, making them breathable. However, T part wigs are mostly machine-made which is why they are less breathable than ordinary lace wigs. For this reason, it might not be a good choice for women who sweat more.

It is not as versatile as you’d want

T part wigs either have a middle parting or a side parting. Since the lace feature doesn’t cover the entire head, you can’t change the parting of the wig even if you want to. Many women would not enjoy this aspect of T part wigs because it limits the way you can style your hair.

Who is the ideal candidate for T part wigs?

You must be wondering, ‘Are T part wigs for me?’ Here is a rundown of things you should remember before buying one.

  • It is beginner-friendly, so if you’re new to wigs, you can definitely start with this one.
  • It can be installed and styled easily, so if you’re looking for a wig that requires minimum effort, this is a good option for you.
  • T part wigs look very natural but cost less than full lace wigs. Therefore, try this new style if you’re on a budget but still want the perks of natural-looking wigs.
  • If you sweat profusely, this style might not be for you as it’s not very breathable.
  • T part wigs can be styled in any way you like, but you can’t change the parting. So, if you prefer a specific style over versatility, you can give this a shot.

Where can you find quality T part wigs?

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