Learn How to Redeem AFK Arena Codes 2021

At AFK Arena, you can use a code called “AFK Arena code”. It is a code that can only be used at AFK Arena, and you can get luxurious items by entering the “fixed AFK Arena code” inside AFK Arena. You can also get many benefits by entering the serial code.

However, some of you may not know what an AFK Arena code is, or you may want to know what an AFK Arena code is recommended, a list of AFK Arena code, and how to use an AFK Arena code. That’s why the article will provide a comprehensive overview of how you can use the AFK Arena code.

Open the AFK Arena code:

 First, open the official website and open the AFK Arena code exchange page. You can open it from our link, as mentioned earlier.

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Enter the user ID in the “UID” field:

When you open the AFK Arena code exchange page, enter your user ID in the “UID” field. You can check your user ID from the in-game profile page.

Whatever the confusing fact is, how can you check the UID? To check the UID (user ID), you need to visit the AFK Arena officials page. Then it would help if you tapped to open the user information screen that displays your nickname and ID. The number written in the place where “ID:” is written is “UID”.

Enter the verification code:

After entering the “UID”, enter the verification code in the “Authentication Code” field. You can check the verification code from “System Settings” in the game. It is written as “verification code” in the game, so be careful not to overlook it.

However, to check your verification code, you need to open your profile screen, then tap the “System Settings” tab at the bottom of the screen. When you open the system settings, there is an item called “verification code” to check the authentication code by tapping it.

Since the verification code is updated 2 minutes after issuance, it is recommended to open the input screen in advance and enter the UID first before confirming.

Log in and check your nickname:

After logging in, check if the nickname of the account receiving the reward is displayed in the nickname field. If you have accounts on multiple servers, another account may be displayed by default.

Even if you enter it into another account, there is no problem because you will receive the reward once for each account. If you make a mistake, reselect the correct account and enter it again.

Enter the AFK Arena code:

After confirming your user name, enter your AFK Arena code in the serial code entry field. Just type in and press the “Exchange” button, and the reward will arrive in-game immediately.

It is possible to enter multiple serial codes in succession, so if you have multiple serial codes that havent been exchanged, enter them in succession.

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 Press the “Exchange” button:

When you press the “Exchange” button, then you will receive a reward in the game. These AFK Arena code rewards arrive in your in-game mailbox as soon as you press the exchange button. There is a deadline for receiving rewards, so don’t forget to receive them.

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