Kickboxing sandbag training, the cause of excessive tibia pain or injury?

First of all, we want to emphasize that pain is inevitable in combat training. The reason is simple: strength is mutual.

Therefore, the willpower of fighters in training is indeed very important. Still, the purpose of learning Kickboxing is to practice technique rather than injury, so how to avoid unnecessary injuries in fighting training has become the focus of improvement in fighting training today.

Efficient and safe fighting training is the best solution for enthusiasts and newcomers.

The wrong choice of sandbags

This kind of sandbag is not only safe. The most important thing is to kick comfortably, it is easy to kick the feeling, and sandbags can adjust the weight. Novices can kick when practising techniques, and sweeping kicks can practise heavy kicks. In step by step, strengthen the tibia and practice a powerful sweep kick.

Wrong canvas can cause skin damage on the legs, and because the sandbag is heavy and weak in power transmission, it is difficult to kick out the feeling and achieve the purpose of feeling the overall force. The biggest problem is still too hard. Novices kick this kind of sandbag, and it is easy to get injured.

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Ignore warm-up activities

It is of great significance for eliminating the rigidity of the moving organs, muscles, ligaments, and joints when the trainer is relatively stationary, improving the body’s flexibility and avoiding sports injury accidents. Warming up can also relax the learner’s mind and body and enter formal training in the best active state, thereby promoting training efficiency. it’s a very useful elementIf you are looking for download the latest movie for free then you can visit movierulz. On the other hand, you can also download free movie from worldfree4u.

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Finally, remember to kneel and sit down before kicking the sandbag. At first, it is a bit uncomfortable and painful, but as long as you persist for a while, you will get used to it.

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