Keyword research defined

Key word research is the act of studying and choosing appropriate keywords to drive high traffic from search engines to site.

Divisions of keywords

  • Short keywords: These keywords are the most predominantly searched keywords. These keywords do not have any unique detail. The word count of theses keywords are generally low. They attract high traffic through organic searches.
  • Long keywords: Unlike the short keywords, these keywords contain unique details with lengthier words. They, however, do get less traffic through organic searches.

However, it is important to note that the short keywords do have a lesser conversion rate compared to long keywords. The conversion rate of short keywords is about 15 to 20 percent while the conversion rate of long keywords is about 70 to 80 percent.

Intent of a keyword

The intent of a keyword plays an important role in its optimization. The intent of a keyword is basically the identity of a user’s search. It is what the user searches for as it meets their needs. 

  • Informative intent: These searches give information about a particular subject. For instance, how to cure arthritis at home?
  • Transaction intent: These searchesresult in information about any subject that basically involves a purchase. For instance, latest Samsung phones, expensive HP laptops.
  • Navigation intent: These searches mostly lead to results that involve movement around sites. For instance, Instagram log in.
  • Market-based intent: These searches target items on the commercial market. For instance, top Androidphones.
  • Local intent: These searches are basically local searches about nearby places. For instance, eateries near me, schools near me.

There are times when the searches made by a user are not specific. They might bring up volatile results covering a wide range without specifications. An example of such searches is cheapest Android phone retail store near me. The seo results are generally inconsistent. Seooptimierung motivates blog and website owners to research search engine’s search results for keywords best suiting their niches. This enables them to analyze how their seo can be improved.

Importance of adequate keyword research

  • This helps the site generate precise user intended content that actually caters for the needs of the user. Hence, eliminating generalized content.
  • Web owners and bloggers are able to gain the top SEO results. Appropriate optimization of keywords improves results on search engines. Therefore, higher traffic is driven to the site.
  • The content writer is able to gauge the potential traffic likely to visit content. Hence, the writer is able to insert predominant keywords to attract organic visitors.
  • The use of keywords rightly brings forth efficacious content that guarantees long lasting good results.


It’s important to note that it’s against the rules of search engines to write content solely for search results rather than for users. Sites caught driving traffic via inappropriate means or driving false traffic is banned from appearing in search results. Hence, it’s important to write content solely for users and gain results that last for a very long period of time. By visiting the site you know this serp checker.

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